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    July 2, 2024

    From Free SIEM to Secure: Midway Swiss Turn's Journey

    When Jayme Rahz, CEO of Midway Swiss Turn, signed up for the free SIEM offering by Blumira, she sought a solution to meet compliance requirements and protect operations. Eighteen months later, it would save her company from a potentially devastating email attack.

    Midway Swiss Turn's story begins in 1977 with James Rahz and a single milling machine. Today, the company operates a 10,000 square foot facility with a dozen machines, including three Swiss-type CNC turning centers.

    As CEO, Jayme Rahz manages multiple aspects of the business, including IT and security. With a serverless, cloud-based environment and CMMC requirements, she needed an affordable, user-friendly security solution.

    Rahz chose Blumira Free SIEM for Microsoft 365, recognizing its potential to meet their needs as a small business with a cloud-first approach. This decision prioritized cybersecurity alongside business growth.

    Blumira proved its value by detecting a sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) attack. Thanks to the timely alert and Rahz's quick action, Midway Swiss Turn prevented financial damage.

    Impressed, Rahz upgraded to the Blumira XDR Platform, strengthening their overall security posture. She praised the solution: "Blumira is exactly what we need; it suits cloud-based and small businesses without IT departments."

    Midway Swiss Turn's experience demonstrates how the right cybersecurity solution can protect against real-world threats while meeting compliance requirements, even for businesses with streamlined IT resources.

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