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    June 10, 2024

    Nick Brigmon of Blumira on Cybersecurity Insights for Libraries

    Our Security Operations and Support Manager, Nick Brigmon, was recently sought out for his expertise in an article discussing the recent cyberattack on the Seattle Public Library. The incident forced the library to take its systems offline, disrupting access to various digital resources and services.

    Given this incident and a similar attack on the Toronto Public Library, Nick emphasizes the importance of libraries prioritizing their cybersecurity measures. He points out that even though libraries may not seem like the most obvious targets for cyberattacks, this mindset can leave them vulnerable to evolving threats.

    LibraryInsightsNick highlights that proactive cybersecurity isn't just about defense – it's a commitment to maintaining the community's trust and safety. He recognizes that implementing cybersecurity measures can be challenging for libraries due to limited resources, but he offers three practical steps that libraries can take to safeguard patrons' information and ensure uninterrupted service:

    1. Conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment with the help of a reputable consultant to identify vulnerabilities and stay informed about the latest threats.

    2. Hold staff training sessions to educate employees on identifying and reporting suspicious activities, recognizing phishing attempts, and handling other common cyber threats.

    3. Develop and regularly update an incident response plan (IRP) and participate in training exercises to test its effectiveness, while establishing clear communication protocols for notifying stakeholders and patrons in case of a breach.

    At Blumira, we're committed to helping organizations of all sizes, including libraries, strengthen their cybersecurity posture. We're thrilled that Nick's expertise was sought out for this important conversation about library cybersecurity, and we appreciate his practical advice for libraries looking to enhance their defenses against evolving threats.

    To learn more about how Blumira can help your organization improve its cybersecurity measures, visit our website or reach out to our team of experts today.

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