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    September 13, 2021

    The Price Is Right: SIEM Edition

    Have you ever wanted to live out your dream of being a contestant on “The Price Is Right”? Here’s your chance — come on down to be considered for Blumira’s The Price Is Right: SIEM Edition.

    Anyone who’s used or purchased a traditional SIEM knows that the total cost of ownership ends up being much more than you bargained for. Put your SIEM knowledge to the test with this interactive game show, where participants will guess the price of each SIEM cost factor.

    Join Nato Riley, AKA Blumira’s Bob Barker in a game where you’ll get the chance to win real prizes: 

    • If you enter to be a guest on Blumira’s The Price Is Right, you’ll also enter into a drawing for one of five $10 Starbucks gift cards
    • If you’re selected to play the game, you’ll win a $25 Amazon gift card
    • The winner of each pricing game will win a $50 Amazon gift card

    Enter to watch live and win prizes.  


    Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer, Blumira

    Nato is dedicated to helping Blumira build the most effective and efficient SIEM on the market for small to mid-sized businesses. Prior to joining Blumira, he held roles at LogRhythm and Data Network Group. Other ventures include notiaPoint, Inc., where Nato invented the Olympiad, a toolbox that makes large scale projects and deployments for cloud development projects more secure and agile. In his spare time, Nato runs a YouTube channel, Nato as Code, where he discusses topics such as infrastructure as code and building a cybersecurity career.

    Erica Mixon

    Erica is an award-winning writer, editor and journalist with over ten years of experience in the digital publishing industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson College. Her foray into technology began at TechTarget, where she provided editorial coverage on a wide variety...

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