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In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt a proactive and layered approach to endpoint security. While Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions play a crucial role in protecting against cyber threats, they may not be sufficient to detect and contain sophisticated attacks. Blumira Agent, a lightweight endpoint agent, complements your existing EDR by providing advanced threat detection, rapid notifications, and automated containment capabilities, ensuring that you don’t miss critical signs of an attack in progress.

Why Blumira Agent is Essential, Even with an EDR in Place:

  • Countering EDR Evasion Tactics: Attackers often employ evasive maneuvers to avoid detection by major EDRs, such as removing agents or disabling Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). Blumira Agent’s technology operates independently, generating events directly from user and kernel mode, ensuring accurate detection of attacker behavior that may be missed by an EDR alone.
  • Rapid Threat Notifications: When paired with Blumira’s SIEM, Blumira Agent sends notifications within a minute of initial detection, enabling you to identify and respond to attacks in progress much earlier than using an EDR alone. The behavior-based detections, written and fine-tuned by security experts, help you focus on the critical early signs of an attack that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements: Most EDRs retain logs for less than 90 days, which may not be sufficient to meet compliance regulations or provide adequate historical evidence for incident response and investigation. Blumira’s SIEM+ and XDR Platform editions include Blumira Agent, offering one year of data retention and helping you meet various compliance and cyber insurance requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Incident Response: In the event of a breach, Blumira Agent continuously sends logs, even after a device is isolated. Combined with the other logs collected by Blumira’s platform, you gain a complete picture of the incident, saving valuable time and money on incident response. Without comprehensive logging, cyber insurance alone may not cover the full costs of an incident.

Blumira Agent’s Advanced Threat Detection Capabilities:

  • External Access Attempts: Blumira Agent detects whenever a public IP address attempts to connect via SMB, RDP, or FTP to your network and can automatically isolate associated devices through Automated Host Isolation. This early detection and containment can prevent attackers from establishing a foothold in your environment.
  • Credential Access Attempts: Blumira Agent detects incidents of password spraying, alerting you to early signs of an attacker. By identifying these attempts quickly, you can take proactive measures to secure your accounts and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Hidden Malware Commands: Blumira Agent detects command and control traffic related to known malware families and can immediately contain any affected devices. This rapid containment helps prevent the spread of malware and minimizes the potential damage to your network.
  • Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation: Blumira Agent can detect the use of PowerShell post-exploitation tools, indicating an attacker is preparing to exploit an Active Directory infrastructure. By identifying these activities early, you can swiftly halt the attacker’s progress and protect your critical assets.

The Future of the Cyberthreat Landscape

Given the current cyberthreat challenges, relying on a single layer of defense is no longer sufficient. Blumira Agent serves as a powerful complement to your existing EDR, providing advanced threat detection, rapid notifications, and continuous logging. By integrating Blumira Agent into your security stack, you can enhance your organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents while meeting compliance requirements and reducing incident response costs. Embrace a layered approach to security with Blumira Agent and stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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