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Last Friday evening, September 15, Blumira was excited to be recognized as a First Year FastTrack Award Winner. 

This year marked the 25th annual FastTrack Awards. Hosted by Ann Arbor SPARK, the FastTrack Award ceremony commemorates local “gazelle” businesses who achieved a 20 percent increase in average revenue over three years, starting from a revenue base of at least $100,000.

The FastTrack Awards also mark the end of A2Tech360, a week-long event which celebrates innovation in the Ann Arbor community and showcases the latest advancements and trends in technology. Throughout the week, local tech enthusiasts, professionals, job seekers, and entrepreneurs gather together for various panel discussions, keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and pitch competitions. 

On Friday evening, the A2Tech360 event go-ers gathered at tables, saying hello to friends, and celebrated the 19 FastTrack Award winners, presented by SPARK President and CEO Paul Krutko.

Blumira is thrilled to have earned this achievement. We will do our best to continue living up to our “gazelle” status, expanding our reach to any company who needs an easy, effective, and affordable SIEM+XDR solution. 

“The Spark Fast Track awards event was fantastic! We were thrilled to be included in the fastest growing Gazelle companies in our region of Michigan. Each company who won an award was from a different industry, and it was exciting to see the entrepreneurial impacts of the winners, all southeastern Michigan companies! Chris Sing from Rehmann did a great job emceeing the event and it was wonderful to catch up with our accounting partners and celebrate. A mix of eight Blumira team members attended, including myself, members from Sales, Engineering, Incident Detection, HR, and CX, as well as our CEO Jim Simpson. It was a great team building experience.”

–Lianna Cecil, Blumira VP of Finance

Many thanks to Ann Arbor SPARK for hosting the FastTrack Awards and recognizing Blumira’s success. We also want to give a hearty congratulations to the other wonderful 18 companies, listed below, many of which we are friends with, and all of which greatly deserve the recognition for their hard work and passion for innovation. We are honored to be named alongside you.

First Year Winners:

Second Year Winners:

Three Year Winners:

Four Year Winners:

Five Year Winners:

Seven Year Winners:

Eight Year Winner:

If you’re curious about other awards Blumira’s recently received, including our G2 Fall badges, take a look at our recent G2 Awards blog post.  

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