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Here at Blumira, we build security tools tailored for the unique needs of midsize enterprises. So when we learned about the MES IT Leadership Network supporting midmarket IT professionals, we knew it would be a fantastic forum to connect with existing and potential Blumira users. 

We’re excited to share that Blumira recently joined this community to share our expertise while gaining valuable peer perspectives on how we can better aid resource-constrained security teams.

The Match Makes Sense: Blumira and Midsize IT Teams

Blumira decided to join the MES IT Leadership Network because our missions strongly align. Just as MES focuses its offerings, research and peer communities around the needs of midmarket businesses, the Blumira platform caters to resource-constrained IT and cybersecurity teams.

SMBs and midsize companies have a need for robust, enterprise-class security tools. Yet they simultaneously suffer from resource gaps that enterprise-focused solutions fail to remedy. 

Blumira’s founders built our SIEM solution after years of frustrating experiences working with SIEMs at previous companies – SIEMs that take years to set up, fill inboxes with meaningless alerts, and charge exorbitant fees based on log ingestion and support costs. Blumira provides IT teams of all sizes the ability to run a robust SIEM+XDR platform — protecting company data, and still leaving time for their day jobs.  

Within the IT Leadership Network, Blumira gains invaluable access to collaborate with decision makers facing these precise struggles. This network provides tailored perspectives and tools needed for resilient security with the reality of limited time, money and in-house skills.

Forging Connections and Contributing Expertise

Being a part of the MES IT Leadership Network provides us with fantastic opportunities to engage with influential IT leaders in midsize enterprises. This includes:

Sharing Education and Best Practices

As a security solution provider, an invaluable way Blumira contributes to the infosec community is through education. 

Amanda Berlin, Lead Incident Detection Engineer and one of Blumira’s earliest team members, is dedicated to communicating complex technical concepts in a way that’s accessible and engaging to all audiences. Her recent book Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure is a pragmatic guide with steps, tools, processes, and ideas to help drive maximum-security improvement at little or no cost. Amanda also develops courses and leads tabletop sessions at Wild West Hackin’ Fest, Bsides Cleveland, SecureW, CodeMash, the O’Reilly learning platform, and Antisyphon Training (including this upcoming training in March).

MES online events and digital content distribution channels give us new avenues to share these training sessions, thought leadership, and more to midsize IT teams.

Cultivating Peer Perspectives

We’re excited to utilize the two-way dialogue within the IT Leadership Network to both share our experiences and gain outside perspectives from midmarket customers. The peer connections enable us to fine tune ways we guide resource-constrained IT teams through today’s turbulent threat landscape and compliance pressures.

Blumira: Purpose-Built for the Entrepreneurial Midmarket

We look forward to actively participating in the MES IT Leadership Network as we meet more midsize organizations on their security journey. Our mission is to equip growing companies with technology that doesn’t hamper business objectives as they scale. Together with peers and partners, we empower entrepreneurial companies to confidently secure data and infrastructure supporting revenue goals.

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