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A Security Platform Built for IT Teams

Powered by our security operations team, Blumira’s platform helps prevent ransomware and breaches by identifying threats in under a minute and providing security response playbooks.

Plus, satisfy compliance and cyber insurance requirements with Blumira’s security log monitoring with long-term data retention included.

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How We Do Things Differently.

Traditional Security SolutionsBlumira
Too Complex - built for large enterprises with big budgets and big teams.Less Work For You - we handle parsing, native third-party integrations, and new detection testing & tuning.
Limited Resources - Require infrastructure, security skills, months to get operational.No Security Experience Need - we’re your security team, including 24/7 SecOps team for escalated issues.
Time Constraints - Too many alerts to go through to find real threats delays response time.Faster Security Reduces Risk - Our unique approach notifies you of threats other tools may miss, sending alerts in seconds.


See How Blumira Detects Threats

Unify Your Security Tools

SIEM + Endpoint + Detection & Response

Simplify your security stack and save with Blumira. Unifying EDR capabilities, SIEM logging, and detection & response to identify threats other security tools may miss, helping you respond to threats faster than ever.


I finished setting up Blumira, and one word: WOW! I like the simplicity of your product, the easy-to-follow instructions for setting up. I received a Suspect indicator [Finding], and I appreciate how clean and easy to follow the analysis is. I am sold on Blumira’s ease of use and capabilities.

Amitaf DaSilva Principal CompuNET Consulting



Satisfy Compliance & Insurance

Check compliance and insurance boxes easier than ever. With at least a year of data retention and deployment that takes minutes, we help you meet multiple requirements quickly with the team you have today.


For a certain size of customer with no staff or only one security staff member, Blumira is an absolute godsend.

Jason Waits CISO at Inductive Automotive


Other solutions I was looking at — like Sophos and Splunk — seemed more enterprise and I felt that we would get lost trying to deploy and support them.

Ronnie Baker
IT Manager

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Overall, Blumira is very straightforward and easy to use; much more so than our previous provider whose platform became so clunky that it was unusable.

Angela Bawcum
Interim Director of IT & InfoSec, LTU

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Duraflame Chose Blumira Over AlienVault For Affordability & Ease of Deployment

When the Duraflame IT team started researching different SIEM (security information and event management) vendors and solutions, they faced similar challenges of high costs and complex implementation and management overheads while evaluating products like AT&T AlienVault and Splunk.

“I didn’t have the budget to spend on partnering with a managed SOC (security operations center) provider. All of the solutions we looked at required a long-term commitment with a high barrier of entry,” John H. said.

Duraflame evaluated a handful of industry-leading vendors, including Blumira. Duraflame needed a cloud-based solution that could be implemented quickly and provide complete and accurate security visibility. Duraflame’s IT team and executive management were concerned with the high cost and complex and lengthy implementation time that other solutions required.

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Making the switch doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. Blumira’s detection and response platform is designed to be set up by the existing team you have today, in a matter of hours. Our security team is always accessible if you need more help, and our detailed documentation walks you through many different integration steps.

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