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Customer Stories

MSP Path Forward turned to Blumira's SIEM for reduced time to resolution to help prevent ransomware for their customers.


I would recommend Blumira -- it makes our daily job so much easier and it’s simple to set up security for our customers. We only receive alerts that we need to act upon, and if it gets noisy, we can work with [Blumira’s security operations team] support to tune alerts.

Adam Thomas Director of Cybersecurity

Path Forward IT Path Forward IT
Nittany Oil

To help meet PCI DSS, Nittany Oil turned to Blumira's affordable and easy-to-use solution.


Blumira is at least 50% -- if not more -- affordable compared to some of the other solutions. I would definitely recommend Blumira to other companies looking to increase their visibility into the security of their networks.

Atlantic Constructors

ACI chose Blumira's simplified cloud SIEM to fit the needs of their small IT team, gaining visibility into unknown threats while protecting against ransomware.


I don’t have the staff dedicated to sit and read logs all day or with the skillset to analyze our data. We chose Blumira for its simplicity – I needed a solution that would simplify, consolidate and show me what I really need to see.


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