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Greenleaf Trust prioritizes potential vulnerabilities and takes action with one click with Blumira


We're not up to date on all the different threats out there, but Blumira is in the know.​

Todd A. Tetzlaff Systems Architect

Greenleaf Trust Greenleaf Trust

Zingerman’s spends less time worrying about threats, knowing Blumira is there keeping them safe.


We evaluate our Blumira partnership with the same criteria we judge ourselves on: the quality of the product and the ability to deliver with great service.

National Machinery

National Machinery’s intellectual property is safe from cyber thieves, as they focus on business apps.


We want a partner in our security system, not just a service…somebody that we can rely on for any security issues. Blumira is our trusted advisor.

Greenleaf Hospitality

Greenleaf Hospitality focuses on driving business value while Blumira identifies and mitigates security risks.


Blumira does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events. That allows us to focus on revenue enhancing activities.