With Blumira, MECE now has 24/7 network monitoring and automated threat containment that will identify and respond immediately to make sure they’re always covered, even at 3am


Now that I have Blumira’s host isolation, I feel a lot better. It doesn’t prevent someone from clicking on something, but I feel better that it will isolate the endpoint from the rest of the network. Even if something happens at 3am in the morning, it will be contained.

Ray Smith VP of IT

MECE Credit Union MECE Credit Union
Midway Swiss Turn

With Blumira’s Free SIEM, Midway Swiss Turn was alerted to a M365 email attack early enough to prevent wire transfer fraud – then they upgraded to XDR for full coverage with Blumira Agent.


Blumira is exactly what we need; it’s like you made it just for our environment. It suits cloud-based and small businesses. It suits the fact that we don’t have an IT department and supports us working with cybersecurity consultants as responders. I could not be more pleased.

Republic Electric Company

Republic used Blumira’s Free SIEM for M365 cloud security for a year before upgrading to the SIEM + XDR solution for greater visibility and to strengthen their security posture.


“Prior to Blumira, we had a lack of visibility. Blumira gives us information that I didn’t previously have, including reports of suspicious activities involving PowerShell, and many other things happening in our environment. I didn’t have any other tools that provided this kind of insight.”

Connect Cause

Connect Cause chose Blumira over Blackpoint Cyber for its SIEM + XDR platform that alerted them to issues other tools missed; significantly increasing their cybersecurity services revenue.


Since partnering with Blumira, we’ve been able to substantially grow our unified cybersecurity and information security business division. It is now a significant part of our business growth strategy and overall revenue.

City of Bettendorf

Blumira provided the City of Bettendorf with both SIEM + XDR capabilities with curated rules and actionable data, while the Blumira team provided responsive, excellent customer support.


The biggest value is that you have people configuring the alerts to catch potential threats. If we had to configure our own alerts, we wouldn’t. Having your research team and threat hunters behind the scenes building the rules to trigger those findings is extremely valuable.

Oil & Gas Manufacturing Company

A small manufacturing company was alerted to a malicious incident using Blumira's Free SIEM for Microsoft 365


Blumira proved its value when I received a P3 alert that a user provided consent for an application on their account. Blumira flagged it as suspicious, which led me to immediately investigate it and confirm that it was a malicious incident...If it weren’t for Blumira’s notification, this incident would most likely never have been detected until it was way too late.

SouthTrust Bank

SouthTrust Bank


“Blumira is really easy to understand – you don’t need a degree to be an expert to operate and understand what the system is doing. It provides a lot of value for the cost, including all of the features you get and having one centralized area to send everything to detect very quickly; we can easily track what’s happening, what’s being affected, and how to mitigate. It makes our response time really quick."

Small Automotive Company

An auto company chose Blumira over Arctic Wolf for security value, lower cost and ideal pricing model


“Being a small company, we were looking at what we get for the value – Blumira was coming in at less than half the price of what Arctic Wolf wanted. I couldn’t justify where that extra value was coming from, with Arctic Wolf."

Upward Sports

Upward Sports chose Blumira over Sentinel due to ease of use, pre-built rules, and support -- at a lower TCO than a full-time security employee.


"I saw on Blumira's website a few user testimonials that said it was easy, and they got up and running in no time -- that's what I was looking for. I didn't want something that would take a lot of time or require a lot of different things to make it work. Sentinel was going to be a lot of that."

Robinson, Grimes & Company

With an IT team of 3 & no dedicated security staff, Robinson, Grimes & Co needed an easy-to-use SIEM to help meet FTC compliance


After looking at Blumira’s product and demo, it became very clear right up front it was made for an organization our size with no dedicated security; no knowledge of how to tune a SIEM or tell it to look for – we don’t know those things. We got up and running with a trial pretty quickly, and it was very easy, simple and straightforward to start feeding information into Blumira.

The CTO Agency Collaborates with Blumira for Security

Blumira's SIEM & endpoint agent allow The CTO Agency to offer a solution to their customers to meet NIST compliance


The team has a lot to do with my satisfaction...your entire support team has been awesome. They are willing to go out of their way for you. Every time I open a ticket or have any other type of interaction – the experience has been great. Blumira is at the top of the list when it comes to customer support.

Axigent’s Successful Security Partnership with Blumira

With Blumira, Axigent can offer their customers an all-in-one security solution that meets HIPAA requirements.


Blumira helps us check that box for customers for HIPAA compliance. Cyber insurance and PCI DSS also require log monitoring and retention. There will be a day that something happens, but if you’ve at least got the logs; taken every step to document and prevent ransomware and a breach; if you’re doing everything you can – there’s no HIPAA fine or insurance rate hike. Security solutions may seem expensive, but they are still only a fraction of the cost it would be if you had to deal with a breach.

Tullahoma Utilities Authority

Tullahoma Utilities Authority uses Blumira's cloud SIEM to detect threats and expedite their time to respond, helping automate security for their two-person IT team.


Blumira has saved me a lot of time and heartache from having to parse through logs and attempt to set up log filtering. It’s like having a watchdog over the house 24/7, knowing that if an intruder does come in, it will sound the alarm. With Blumira, we can minimize risk for the company overall, giving us peace of mind.

NetSource One Chose Blumira SIEM for MSPs

NetSource One replaced their StratoZen SIEM with Blumira's MSP Security solution for simple customer onboarding, fine-tuning rules, reviewing alerts and taking action to protect clients agains threats.


“With the MSP portal, we had a new client that went from zero to 90% complete in a matter of hours. We’ve experienced greatly improved setup and workflow time, streamlining everything from the beginning to end.”

Nittany Oil

To help meet PCI DSS compliance, Nittany Oil turned to Blumira's affordable and easy-to-use solution.


Blumira is at least 50% -- if not more -- affordable compared to some of the other solutions. I would definitely recommend Blumira to other companies looking to increase their visibility into the security of their networks.

Atlantic Constructors

ACI chose Blumira's simplified cloud SIEM to fit the needs of their small IT team, gaining visibility into unknown threats while protecting against ransomware.


I don’t have the staff dedicated to sit and read logs all day or with the skillset to analyze our data. We chose Blumira for its simplicity – I needed a solution that would simplify, consolidate and show me what I really need to see.

Path Forward IT Partners with Blumira for Security

MSP Path Forward turned to Blumira's SIEM for reduced time to resolution to help prevent ransomware for their customers.


I would recommend Blumira -- it makes our daily job so much easier and it’s simple to set up security for our customers. We only receive alerts that we need to act upon, and if it gets noisy, we can work with [Blumira’s security operations team] support to tune alerts.

The City of Crescent City

The City of Crescent City chose Blumira for its threat mitigation, reporting and automation at an affordable cost.


The one thing that really stood out right away was the ease of deployment - I had a working trial operational inside of an afternoon.

Security Solution for a Mid-Sized Healthcare Company


We're a small team, we need help. The analyst interaction and monitoring is amazing. That extension of our team made it the easiest sell I've had as a CISO for a product.

Enhancing Ottawa County’s Security with Blumira Solutions

To reduce manual log review, Ottawa County turned to Blumira's automated, easy-to-use detection and response platform.


We’re required by CJIS and IRS Pub 1075 compliance to review our logs daily. Blumira has saved us time because we can’t monitor all of our logs — we would need a team of 100 to go through all of these logs manually.

Enhancing Security at AdvantageCS with Blumira Solutions

AdvantageCS chose Blumira to help secure client data in the cloud and for its ease of deployment, responsive support and fine-tuned alerts.


Blumira is a great solution — we didn’t have to spend six months on the tool to get it set up correctly. We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.

Burcham Hills Security Achievements and Success

Burcham Hills turned to Blumira to support their virtualization & cloud journey to help them secure and modernize their security operations.


To be able to pay for a service and have pretty much a SOC team behind you to support you -- it definitely gives me a good night's sleep. Being able to centralize everything into one dashboard is a big benefit as well.

Lawrence Technological University (LTU)

When the quality of MSSP service began to deteriorate, LTU turned to Blumira's easy-to-use platform and responsive support.


With our old provider, it was a big time sink trying to filter through false-positives and close out events. As far as accuracy of detections, now we're able to respond to important activities sooner, since we're not wading through unimportant things.

Duraflame’s Journey to Cybersecurity Excellence

Duraflame deployed Blumira’s cloud SIEM in less than four hours; providing actionable data to detect and respond to threats on its network.


“Knowing that I have something I can look at that can correlate everything is a real time-saver. I'm able to sleep at night knowing that all of our logs are centralized. Blumira’s dashboards provide accurate and high-fidelity actionable alerts.”

TAS United

TAS United replaced Splunk with Blumira for usability, easier search and investigation, faster deployment and greater visibility.


“We don’t have to go digging to uncover findings, alerts or reports. We’re already getting a benefit out of Blumira without spending any time fine-tuning it - that’s one thing in the SIEM space you can’t say about other offerings.”

Securing Merit Network with Blumira’s Advanced Solutions

Merit Network gets visibility and automated threat response with Blumira, without a SOC.


“Blumira provides expertise in understanding alerts. With a limited staff, it’s important that someone has my back – Blumira’s team has a real commitment to its customers.”

Greenleaf Trust

Greenleaf Trust prioritizes potential vulnerabilities and takes action in one click with Blumira.


You're not just getting a technical reporting structure, you're getting the analyst.

National Machinery Detection & Response Case Study

National Machinery’s intellectual property is safe from cyber thieves, allowing them to focus on business apps.


We want a partner in our security system, not just a service…somebody that we can rely on for any security issues. Blumira is our trusted advisor.

Zingerman’s Threat Detection & Response Case Study

Zingerman’s spends less time worrying about threats, knowing Blumira is there to keep them safe.


We evaluate our Blumira partnership with the same criteria we judge ourselves on: the quality of the product and the ability to deliver with great service.

Greenleaf Hospitality: Threat Detection Case Study

Greenleaf Hospitality focuses on driving business value while Blumira identifies and mitigates security risks.


Blumira does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events. That allows us to focus on revenue-enhancing activities.