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Most security professionals agree that Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies play a central, if not vital, role for delivering effective security. SIEM products provide a single searchable database of all security logs that help an organization investigate and trace security events at scale across otherwise disparate technologies. What surprises many SIEM customers is that it doesn’t work out-of-the-box nor is it easy to set up on your own.

Then there’s an even greater challenge, optimization. The product features that make customers salivate: effortless log normalization, clever dashboards your boss will show off to visiting VIPs, and scheduled analytic reports based on that sweet custom query your sales engineer showed you. It all looked so easy…

I don’t want to mislead you, there are some truly powerful SIEM products out there. Some have even transcended from SIEM to all-powerful analytics platforms complete with a catalog of imported mathematical functions that allow you to literally manipulate data in infinite ways. I’ve used them. They can be useful in their end state, when you have the right team of experts to configure, manage and deploy them. The challenge though, is most customers never actually get there.

The Hidden Cost & Resource-Drain of Traditional SIEMs

The reality of SIEMs is they don’t come plug-and-play and contain little optimization out-of-the-box. SIEMs usually take months of painful backend architectural development and the deep pockets needed to pay professional services to deploy and customize a SIEM to your unique environmental needs. Additionally, users will need weeks of specialized training in order to fully leverage the user interface. Often customers are inundated with unplanned costs because of this, such as needing additional implementation support and training that was not budgeted as part of the project.

Traditional SIEMs also often generate a lot of inactionable noise, making it difficult for busy IT and security teams to identify which alerts to address, as well as which actions to take for threat mitigation and remediation.

Accessing True Security Value With a Modern SIEM

We understand the importance of providing security that is easy and effective for organizations of all sizes. At Blumira, we’ve taken a much different approach to helping customers operationalize the value traditionally associated with SIEM, threat detection and response.

We’ve focused on building a cloud-based security platform that:

It also alleviates the need for:

  • Complex deployment projects
  • Expensive hardware
  • Costly professional services

Just set up our easy-to-deploy ingestion tool and leave the threat intelligence, threat detection design, rules, automation, alerting and custom playbooks to us. Our automated platform is backed by our veteran security professionals that you’ll have direct access to as we guide you through operationalizing Blumira as part of your security journey.

How’s that for easy? Read more about Blumira’s platform, or download “The Modern SIEM Evaluation Guide” to learn more.

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