FutureCon: Building Intentional Security Culture In a Time of Complexity

Infosec has become exceedingly complicated for organizations, and finding the right tools and resources to combat rising cyberattacks is an incredible challenge.

Attackers are getting better, and current threat detection tools aren’t necessarily helpful.

Join Blumira’s CTO Matthew Warner at FutureCon and learn how to build a mature security program. He’ll cover:

  • A look at the past, current and future threat landscape
  • Factors that drive complexity in infosec environments
  • The relationship between company culture and cybersecurity
  • How to reposition the way that key stakeholders and employees approach security in your organization


Matt Warner, CTO and Co-Founder, Blumira

Matt has over 10 years of experience in IT and development, focusing on business strategy, development, compliance, threat detection and penetration testing. Previously, he was Director of Security Services, Development & Security at NetWorks Group, responsible for defensive information security and services.