Blumira’s Cloud and AWS Security Monitoring Explained

Protect Azure, AWS, Microsoft 365 and more with Blumira’s comprehensive cloud security monitoring platform.

Blumira Explainer: Threat Detection & Response

Blumira combines threat detection & response into one simplified solution, giving you more security value with less complexity.

Blumira Product Demo

In this video, we walk through challenges with traditional SIEMs, how to deploy Blumira's platform and start detecting threats automatically.

How to Increase Windows Log Visibility: A Tutorial

See how to import Logmira, a free set of pre-configured Windows policy settings designed to increase logging visibility for better threat detection and response.

Replace Your SIEM With Automated Detection & Response

SIEMs are complex and provide little security value. Blumira's modern SIEM provides end-to-end, automated threat detection and response, all in one platform.

What is a Traditional SIEM?

The complexity of traditional SIEMs has driven some to replace their legacy solutions with a modern, automated threat detection and response platform.