Gap Assessments in QBRs Boosting Security Sales

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The quarterly business review (QBR) should be a necessary part of operating an MSP. While they shouldn’t be “salesy,” business-savvy MSP operators know that QBRs should be viewed as an opportunity — not just another item to check off the list.  

Learn about how to perfect the art of a successful QBR, using it as a way to intimately learn about your customers’ needs and provide them with solutions that will make everyone happy. 

Join Marnie Stockman, CEO of Lifecycle Insights and author of Literally: The Book on Customer Success for MSPs, and Jeremy Young, Director of Partner Strategy at Blumira to learn how to:

  • Use a gap assessment tool in a QBR to drive full stack adoption
  • Prove the value of your MSP to customers and establish trust
  • Boost security sales through the QBR process

This interactive, conversational-style session encourages questions and engagement with viewers – so sign up today for access to our customer success and security experts.


Marnie Stockman, CEO, Lifecycle Insights

Marnie Stockman is a Co-founder and CEO of Lifecycle Insights, the fastest growing QBR platform for MSPs. Their goal is to help MSP deliver the QBR their customer deserves with automation and strategy. When she isn’t presenting on QBRs and Customer Success, she can be found chasing a golf ball around with her husband or playing volleyball with her adult-ish children.

Jeremy Young, Director of Partner Strategy, BlumiraJeremy Young, Director of Partner Strategy, Blumira

Jeremy, joining us from Austin, TX, has been working in tech and cybersecurity for over a decade. Before joining the team at Blumira, Jeremy was Head of Affiliate Partnerships at Huntress Labs, where he led the go-to-market strategy for partnerships. Prior to that, Jeremy spent a couple of years on the Duo MSP team advocating for MFA to be a standard for all MSPs and their customers.