Blumira Product Demo: How to Automate Detection & Response

Weekly Every Tuesday at 1pm ET

Need an easier way to detect and respond to attacks on your environment?

Join Blumira as we walk through how to use our automated platform to reduce complexity, alert fatigue and hours spent managing a SIEM.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily deploy and integrate Blumira with your different tools to stream and collect logs
  • Get prioritized alerts and examples of threats detected by Blumira
  • Respond to threats with Blumira’s step-by-step playbooks
    Automate remediation with Blumira’s dynamic blocklists to immediately stop threats
  • Set up honeypots to detect attackers moving inside of your environment, or unauthorized access attempts to your servers
  • Search and investigate your logs easily with Blumira’s pre-built queries to automate report creation, export and delivery for audits and compliance

Join us to ask questions and see how Blumira works!