Blumira + Access Interactive Roundtable: Building a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation

Join Patrick Garrity, VP Operations at Blumira and Brian Gawne, VP of Security & Compliance, Access Interactive, for a discussion on building a strong cybersecurity foundation for your organization.

Blumira + Cybrary Roundtable: Simplifying Cloud Security

Join our roundtable with Cybrary’s Director of Content Will Carlson, Blumira’s Director of Security Mike Behrmann and VP of Operations Patrick Garrity for a discussion about simplifying your approach to cloud security.

Blumira + Lucidia IT Bracket Madness Roundtable: Sweet 16 of Security Threats

As security threats and risk have continued to evolve there is a need to detect and respond to the most common threats, techniques and tactics used that result in security incidents and breaches. Join Lucidia IT and Blumira in this webinar as we cover the "Sweet 16" of security threats.

Blumira + Cerium Networks Roundtable: Simplifying Threat Detection & Response

Join our roundtable with Cerium Networks’ Director of Cybersecurity Scott Nelson and Blumira’s Partner Manager Kevin Malkin for a discussion about simplifying your approach to cybersecurity threat detection and response.

Blumira + ThreatGen Roundtable: Cybersecurity Visibility for IT/OT Threats

Join Patrick Garrity, VP operations at Blumira and Pascal Ackerman, Managing Director of Threat Services for Threatgen, for a discussion on cybersecurity visibility across the organization.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Cost of Ransomware vs. Cloud SIEM

Join Blumira's VP of Product Jim Simpson and VP of Ops Patrick Garrity as they cover the cost-benefit analysis of a ransomware breach vs. investment in a cloud SIEM.