Blumira Product Demo: How to Automate Detection & Response

Join Blumira as we walk through how to use our automated platform to reduce complexity, alert fatigue and hours spent managing a SIEM.

Blumira’s Security Advisors Series: Running Lean Security Operations

Join Arlie Hartman, Director of Information Security at BraunAbility and Mike Berhmann, Director of Security at Blumira for a discussion on how to run a streamlined but effective SecOps program.

Blumira’s Security Advisors Series: How to Easily Detect Lateral Movement

Join Haroon Meer, Founder of Thinkst and Matt Warner, CTO of Blumira to learn more about detecting lateral movement with one of the most simple and effective tools – honeypots.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Balancing Compliance & Security

Join our exclusive roundtable discussion with Jamie Tomasello, former Head of Compliance and Trust at Duo Security and Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira.

Blumira’s Security Advisors Series: CMMC Compliance

Join our exclusive roundtable discussion with CMMC Compliance Consultant Ryan Bonner and Advisory CISO Federal at Duo, Sean Frazier.

Product Update: Search and Reporting – On-Demand

Join Blumira as we walk through our new search & reporting feature that lets you quickly investigate and analyze security logs.