Blumira’s Security Advisor: Splunk vs. Blumira

Splunk vs. Blumira: Discover the key differences in cybersecurity solutions. Join our webinar for expert insights based on real deployment experiences.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Security Monitoring for ICS

Explore Blumira's ICS cybersecurity solutions. Join our webinar to learn how to protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

Blumira’s Security Advisor: Microsoft Security

Join Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira and Jacob Julian, Solutions Engineer at Blumira for a discussion on Windows security and best practices.

Blumira’s Security Advisor: Cloud Detections

Unlock the power of cloud detection. Join our webinar for essential insights on securing your cloud environment effectively.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Ransomware

Learn ransomware defense strategies with our Security Advisor. Join the webinar to protect your business from cyber threats.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Common External Attacks & Exploits

Join Steve Ragan, Security Research & Technical Writer at Akamai Technologies and Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira to learn about common external attacks and how to defend against them.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Securing Remote Work With Zero Trust

Enhance remote work security with Zero Trust. Join our webinar to learn effective strategies for a secure remote workforce.

Blumira Product Demo: How to Automate Detection & Response

Join Blumira as we walk through how to use our automated platform to reduce complexity, alert fatigue and hours spent managing a SIEM.

Blumira’s Security Advisors Series: Running Lean Security Operations

Join Directors of Security, Arlie Hartman and Mike Berhmann for a discussion on how to run a streamlined but effective security operations (SecOps) program.

Blumira’s Security Advisors Series: How to Easily Detect Lateral Movement

Explore lateral movement detection with our Security Advisors. Join the webinar to enhance your security against cyber threats.