451 Research: Cyber Insurance Highlights from Voice of the Enterprise

Cyber insurance has become a crucial risk management strategy for enterprises, but coverage requirements and rising premiums can be a challenge. In this comprehensive report, 451 Research explores the current state of cyber insurance adoption, the impact of evolving threats like ransomware on coverage, and the growing influence of insurance providers on security product procurement.

Key findings from the report reveal that while 43% of surveyed security organizations have cyber insurance in place, the majority face increasing difficulties in meeting policy requirements and rising premiums. Notably, 77% of respondents report that their policies now mandate the implementation of specific security tools, directly impacting their vendor selection process. As enterprises strive to strengthen their security posture and manage risk effectively, understanding the intricacies of cyber insurance and its implications for security strategies has never been more critical.

Download the full report to gain valuable insights into the evolving cyber insurance market, including the rise in premiums, the specific coverage offered, and the methods enterprises are using to report their security posture to insurance providers.

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