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Jake Ouellette

Incident Detection Engineer

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Jake is an Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira, where he contribute to research and design efforts to continuously improve the detection, analysis, and disruption capabilities of the Blumira platform. He has always been interested in and working on computers in one way or another, but his first career in the field was with Geek Squad, where he gained a lot of foundational PC repair knowledge. He moved on to working at an MSP, IT Direct, where he gained experience with enterprise IT working in nearly every vertical, including law, medical, manufacturing. Due to his knowledge and ability to figure things out on the fly, Jake was promoted through the help desk ranks and made his way up to Systems Administrator. In his role as a Compliance Analyst, he performed physical security audits as well as virtual audits of clients' infrastructure, aligning clients to established frameworks (NIST, HIPAA, CMMC). He also assisted in tracking and addressing vulnerabilities and performing forensics and root cause analysis during incident response events.

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