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    April 30, 2024

    9 Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Cities in 2024

    This article originally appeared in, "9 Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Cities in 2024", by Mike Toole.

    As cities rapidly adopt new digital tools and cloud-based solutions, they must implement more sophisticated cybersecurity efforts to protect against innovative adversaries.

    Cities are increasingly at risk of cyberattacks that pose detrimental impacts. Municipal services such as water supply, emergency services, public transportation, and waste management rely heavily on interconnected digital systems. Cyberattacks like ransomware can disrupt these services, causing inconvenience and potential safety issues for residents.

    The public sector’s vulnerability to cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, malware, and phishing, costs an average of $2.6 million for each incident. Municipal budgets may not always account for unexpected expenses, leading to financial strain and possible cuts in other essential services. In addition, municipalities handle significant volumes of sensitive data, such as residents’ personal information and financial records. Breaches compromise this data, leading to privacy concerns, identity theft, and potential misuse of confidential information.

    Read more about the 9 cybersecurity measures cities can take to better protect themselves on Real-Time Insights.

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