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    March 27, 2024

    Blumira Cybersecurity Experts Team Up with You on Threat Defense

    “The team has a lot to do with my satisfaction...your entire support team has been awesome. They are willing to go out of their way for you. Every time I open a ticket or have any other type of interaction—the experience has been great. Blumira is at the top of the list when it comes to customer support.” - Frank DeLuca, President, CTO Agency

    The human element continues to be one of the most important aspects of cybercrime and cybersecurity. That’s why the most effective cybersecurity solution has people working side-by-side with technology. Blumira customers get the best of both worlds—an automated SIEM that detects and isolates threats faster, backed by an expert team providing guidance and support. 

    Blumira technology provides ever-vigilant monitoring, comprehensive coverage, and immediate response. Blumira cybersecurity experts—humans who spend their waking hours thinking about cybersecurity—are on call to help identify, troubleshoot, and mitigate any threat. Often what makes the difference between a minor infection and catastrophic damage comes down to response time, and every second counts. But you also have to know what to do with a threat once it’s detected.

    The Blumira SIEM can detect threats in just 50 seconds. Automated threat isolation will immediately cut off communication to impacted devices and stop attacks in their tracks. From there, the average time from detection to a closed finding is just six hours with Blumira by your side—that’s a 99.7% faster response time than the industry average. Isolating infections in seconds rather than hours buys you precious time, limiting the impact of malicious threats like ransomware. But then what? That’s where the Blumira team comes in. 

    Blumira cybersecurity experts are an extension of your team, working with you and behind the scenes to provide the help you need to protect your organization. They’re hard at work creating and refining response playbooks; testing, creating, and fine tuning detections; researching and identifying emerging threats; and answering the call to support incident response.

    An extension of your team

    It’s reassuring to know that despite what we’re reading in the news, the robots haven’t completely taken over yet. At Blumira, experienced cybersecurity experts work as an extension of your team. We have four teams who support you before, during, and after an incident:

    Our team of Solution Architects partner with you from the start to set you up for success. They support product integrations and onboarding, then check in with you on an ongoing basis to make sure you know how to get the most out of new features as they're added to your package. They’re always looking for opportunities to improve your security posture.

    “I was able to [deploy Blumira] myself about 90% within an afternoon – and then Dave (Blumira’s dedicated Solution Architect) stepped in to help tweak things as well. It was easy to set up our integrations using Blumira’s excellent documentation.” - Jim Paolicelli, IT Director, Atlantic Constructors Inc.

    The Security Operations team is a dedicated group of cybersecurity experts who are available 24/7 in the event of a critical security issue. When unfamiliar threats appear, they'll guide you through investigation and resolution, translating raw data into clear recommendations so you can confidently neutralize attacks. SecOps also helps you tailor Blumira detections for your organization’s needs so you can focus on what’s most important.

    “Your support team has been fantastic and will follow through until the ticket is closed. They are very responsive, genuine, and understanding. Even if it’s something on my side, they are still willing to lend a hand. That means a lot—that means keeping a customer as well.” - Christopher Reddekopp, Level 2 Support, TUA

    Our Incident Detection Engineers (IDE) are cybersecurity experts who are obsessed with tracking down new threats and attack methods in order to enhance Blumira detection rules. Incident Detection Engineer Emily Eubanks calls it "a marriage of computer science and detective work." Lead Incident Detection Engineer Amanda Berlin is a highly accomplished network defender and author of Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure with Lee Brotherston, published by O’Reilly Media.

    “One thing we were concerned about with SIEMs is the struggle with getting the rules set up just right so we’re not getting inundated with alerts or spending a lot of time looking through logs. Blumira [takes] care of a lot of that for us — we didn’t have to spend six months on the tool to get it set up correctly. We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.” - VP of Engineering Services Matt Varblow, AdvantageCS

    Finally, Blumira’s Technical Support Analysts support you in troubleshooting any issues you may experience with the Blumira platform and work with our Product and Engineering teams to advocate for new features and usability enhancements based on customer insights.

    Better Together

    Now that you’ve met your team, let's look at a few examples where Blumira technology and human expertise worked together to protect customers:

    This image depicts cybersecurity experts

    Password Spraying Lockout

    When Blumira noticed multiple account lockouts in a customer’s environment, the SecOps team reached out proactively to advise reimaging infected machines before the attack could escalate.

    Anomalous Server Access

    Blumira discovered an attacker in another country targeting a customer’s conferencing server. As a result, the Blumira SecOps team reviewed existing exposed services and advised steps to shrink the attack surface against future infiltration, including geo-blocking.

    Windows Admin Account Lockout

    Blumira automation notified a customer of repeated admin account lockouts. With a little investigation, our SecOps team discovered this wasn’t an external attack. In fact, they were able to determine that the alert was caused by scheduled tasks using outdated login credentials. They helped update the credentials to resolve the false alarms.

    To read more about these incidents, check out the full story here.

    Your winning team: Blumira SIEM and Blumira expertise

    At Blumira, the advanced technology behind our platform is only part of the story. It’s the humans that make it happen—you and your team at Blumira are what makes fast, ever-vigilant cyber threat detection and response work for the needs of your organization. 

    Ready to team up with Blumira? Get a demo of how our automated threat response and personalized security guidance can be tailored for you. 

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