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    March 24, 2022

    Blumira Earns 30 G2 Badges, Including Best Support and Most Implementable

    This quarter, Blumira earned 30 awards including badges for High Performer, Best Relationship, Best Usability, Best Support, Most Implementable and Best Results.

    G2 named Blumira a Momentum Leader in four categories — SIEM (security information and event management), SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response), Incident Response, and IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention system). 

    Momentum Leader

    Blumira ranked highly on G2’s Momentum Grid, which features products that have high-growth trajectories based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. 

    As a Momentum Leader, Blumira ranks in the top 25% of four categories — SIEM, SOAR, Incident Response and IDPS. Out of 30 other products in G2’s Winter 2022 Momentum Reports for SIEM, SOAR, and IDPS, Blumira received the highest Momentum scores of all four categories, which represents Blumira’s strong position in the cybersecurity industry. For the SIEM category specifically, Blumira blew the competition out of the water with a momentum score of 93 out of 100, beating out major competitors including Sumo Logic, Insight IDR, and Microsoft Sentinel.

    Blumira gained even more momentum this year by releasing Cloud Connectors, which helps us to achieve our vision of having the fastest and easiest to use SIEM on the market. Blumira recently earned multiple Globee Awards — Startup of the Year and Chief Technology Officer of the Year — further emphasizing Blumira’s forward momentum.

    Most Implementable

    Blumira also earned the Most Implementable SIEM for the third consecutive time, which ranks products based on factors such as customer satisfaction with the setup process and amount of time required to deploy. 

    Deployment has historically been a pain point for SIEM products. Traditional SIEMs require massive amounts of configuration and fine-tuning, which is why deployment can take months or even years to fully complete. 

    Blumira released Cloud Connectors at the beginning of 2022, making our fast deployment even easier for our customers using cloud apps such as Duo Security, Microsoft 365, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using Cloud Connectors, customers can ingest logs directly from third-party APIs, bringing deployment time from hours to minutes.

    Easy setup was one of the many reasons why software company Advantage CS chose Blumira. Matt Varblow, VP of Engineering Services at Advantage CS, said that SIEMs typically struggle with properly configuring rules to avoid being inundated with alerts.

    “Blumira is a great solution because you take care of a lot of that for us — we didn’t have to spend six months on the tool to get it set up correctly,” Varblow said. “We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.” 

    Best Usability, Easiest to Use

    In our mission to make security accessible for all organizations, we’ve lowered the barriers to getting good security by developing a product that’s easy to use and manage. We’re proud to have earned multiple badges that highlight those efforts: Easiest to Use, Easiest Admin, and Best Usability. 

    Many SIEMs are notorious for being complex platforms with confusing dashboards that overload its users with useless alerts. To address those challenges, Blumira’s support team handles many of the management tasks that have historically been pain points — including parsing, configuring alerts, fine-tuning, and rule deployment. 

    Blumira is easy for non-security experts to use, providing playbooks with each finding that guide users through how to respond to an alert. 

    Atlantic Constructors, a construction manufacturing provider, chose Blumira for its simplicity. 

    “I needed a solution that would simplify, consolidate, and show me what I really need to see,” said Jim Paolicelli, IT director of the company. 

    Best Support 

    Blumira earned the Best Support G2 badge for the seventh consecutive time, beating out competitors including Splunk, Sumo Logic, LogRhythm, and Insight IDR.  Blumira was also rated #1 in the mid-market for quality of support.

    Blumira scored high in customer satisfaction across the board. 97% of customers would recommend Blumira to others and said that Blumira was easy to do business with. 

    We’re proud to offer responsive support to our customers via our team of security experts — with no additional cost. Blumira’s security analysts act as trusted advisors for our customers and partner with them to provide education for their overall security success.

    Fechheimer, a manufacturing company, said that the people behind Blumira make the product really valuable. 

    “It feels more like a partnership vs just a customer-vendor relationship,” said Steve Gatton, VP of IT at Fechheimer.

    See Why Customers Love Blumira

    For the SIEM category, Blumira earned the highest satisfaction ratings, with such factors as:

    • Ease of business
    • Likely to recommend
    • Quality of support
    • Ease of use

    Our SIEM also ranked highest in the results index, which includes factors like most likely to recommend, meet requirements, estimated ROI and other factors – beating out AlienVault (Now AT&T Cybersecurity), Graylog and Sumo Logic.

    Watch a demo or sign up for a free trial of Blumira’s cloud SIEM to try it out for yourself.

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