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    December 14, 2023

    Easy SIEM Delivering Quick Threat Detection for Improved Compliance

    As a financial institution, SouthTrust Bank handles sensitive customer data across locations in Texas and Houston. Maintaining compliance with regulations like PCI DSS and NIST requires strong security capabilities. Seeking an affordable SIEM that could improve threat visibility, SouthTrust Bank compared enterprise options like IBM QRadar to Blumira’s platform tailored for lean teams.

    Unlike other tools geared toward large security operations with extensive manual tuning, Blumira provided built-in detections and ease of use critical for SouthTrust’s IT staff.

    As Keith Knisely, Assistant VP/IT Specialist, explained, “Blumira is really easy to understand – you don’t need a degree to be an expert to operate and understand what the system is doing. It provides a lot of value for the cost, including all of the features you get and having one centralized area to send everything to detect very quickly; we can easily track what’s happening, what’s being affected, and how to mitigate. It makes our response time really quick.”

    Seeing suspicious activity identified within 14 hours during an initial trial made it apparent that Blumira could deliver on compliance as well as timely threat visibility. Quick setup further validated the SIEM’s efficiency advantage.

    According to Knisely, “Deployment didn’t take long at all – the free trial version took about 20 minutes to implement. When we actually made the purchase and got the SIEM solution with endpoint visibility, it took 5 minutes to deploy Blumira Agent out everywhere.”

    For any organization handling sensitive data, early threat detection and rapid response are critical. Learn how Blumira makes this achievable.

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