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    September 27, 2020

    Blumira Earns 10 Fall 2020 G2 Placements: High Performer

    The G2 Fall 2020 Grid® Reports have been released – and Blumira has been ranked as a high performer in the SIEM, Incident Response and IPDS categories.

    What is G2? It’s an extremely popular tech marketplace driven by real customer reviews; over 1 million to date, with 4 million visitors. It’s used by organizations worldwide to make strategic software purchasing decisions.

    Here at Blumira, we’re driven and happy to help our customers successfully detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity threats. And that has never been more apparent than in the results of the G2 grid reports that place Blumira squarely in the top results of several key categories.

    High Performer & Best Results

    Products in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the category, according to Blumira has been ranked as a high performer in the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Incident Response and IPDS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems) categories. Blumira was founded in 2018, and we’re focusing on building our market presence while continuing our dedication to excellent customer experience. Learn more about our cloud SIEM.

    User’s Choice: Easy to Use, Administrate & Set Up

    We’re extremely proud to have been ranked as the product and company that users are most likely to recommend, as well as the easiest to administrate, use and set up. This aligns directly with our values of designing a solution that is easy for small IT and security teams to quickly set up and immediately start realizing security value. We do that by:

    • Continuously developing new integrations to add to our wide coverage of endpoint, identity, firewall and server technology
    • Parsing log data for our customers, as well as continuously developing and maintaining many different parsers on an ongoing basis
    • Streamlining our user interface (UI) and improving the product experience based on customer feedback
    • Developing new capabilities like pre-built search queries for our advanced security search and reporting to help customers quickly and easily meet compliance and audit requirements

    Learn more about how we help automate security operations, providing a SOC (Security Operations Center) alternative for companies without a full security team.

    Business Win: Easy to Work With & Best Support

    Finally, we’ve also been rated as the “easiest to do business with” and “best support.” Here’s a few customer testimonials that can attest to that:

    “The product is good and solid. Differentiation in this space is hard to come by – while Blumira’s product does stand out – it’s more the people building the product than the product. You can have the best product in the world, but if it doesn’t seem like the people involved are approachable or happy to help, then it just doesn’t make me excited to use the product. It’s that symbiotic relationship that many businesses have forgotten over the years.” – Tim Brewer, Systems Analyst & Security/Compliance Officer, TAS United

    “Compared to other vendors, the ability to get someone that knows what they’re talking about is invaluable. We work really well with Blumira’s engineering team and value the accessibility to Blumira’s support staff and the brains behind the platform.” – Steve Gatton, VP of IT, Fechheimer, a Berkshire Hathaway company

    We do feel like we’re a true partner – as an organization, we care about you, you care about us; this is important and makes a difference in the security community. Blumira is an amazing example of that.” – Kevin Hayes, CISO, Merit Network

    Check out our customer reviews on And, see how Blumira works by watching a demo or learning more about our platform.

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    Thu Pham

    Thu has over 15 years of experience in the information security and technology industries. Prior to joining Blumira, she held both content and product marketing roles at Duo Security, leading go-to-market (GTM) and messaging for the portfolio solution Cisco Zero Trust. She holds a bachelor of science degree in...

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