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    February 11, 2024

    So you think you need a SOC?

    Constructing an in-house security operations center (SOC) seems like a necessary step for robust network protection. But the substantial investment required in tools, staffing, and expertise often delivers an underwhelming return on investment.

    Before deciding to build and staff a SOC, consider how an automated detection and response platform provides comprehensive security for a fraction of the cost.

    The Challenges of Building an Effective SOC

    While SOCs aim to monitor endpoints, analyze threats, and rapidly contain incidents, many fall short with gaps that attackers exploit:

    Lack of visibility – Security operation centers struggle to monitor all devices on the network and fully analyze system activity, leaving blind spots.

    Slow incident response – Up to 40% of SOCs take months or even years to resolve breaches due to limited staff, manual processes, and immature programs.

    Too many tools – SOCs use over 20 different security tools on average. At least 1-2 dedicated staff are needed to manage tool complexity.

    Mira, the Blumira hedgehog, in blue socks
    Our favorite hedgehog, Mira, tries on socks that she does not need.

    There is an Alternative: Automated Detection and Response

    Purpose-built for SMBs, Blumira offers automated detection and response that fills critical security gaps without needing a dedicated in-house SOC.

    Blumira key features include:

    Automated analysis – Blumira gathers relevant incident data in one place to accelerate investigation. No need to correlate across tools.

    Contextual alerts – Using built-in detection rules, Blumira identifies threats and prioritizes alerts to cut through noise. No complex tuning needed.

    Actionable playbooks – With pre-defined playbooks and dynamic blocklists, Blumira enables rapid response to attacks.

    A single pane of glass – Blumira enables easy searching across endpoints and centralized reporting for audits.

    24/7 SecOps Team Support

    In addition to the automation and security expertise built into the platform, Blumira customers benefit from an expert 24/7 SecOps Team for:

    • Daily log review & monitoring
    • Advanced log parsing & data standardization
    • Proactive threat hunting & detection rule development
    • Experienced security staff available around the clock

    With Blumira SIEM + XDR platform and 24/7 team, you gain comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities tailored to SMBs. The SecOps Team serves as a force multiplier so your lean IT staff can focus on critical priorities.

    So many acronyms! Read about the differences between SIEM, SOC, SOAR, XDR, EDR, or watch Matt Warner, Blumira co-founder and CTO explain some distinctions.

    See for yourself how Blumira can provide enterprise-grade security for SMBs without the typical SOC costs by trying Blumira’s Free Edition.

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