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This quarter, Blumira earned 31 awards including badges for Easiest To Do Business With, Best Est. ROI, Easiest To Use, Best Support, Most Implementable and Best Results.

G2 named Blumira a High Performer in seven categories, including SIEM (security information and event management), SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response), incident response, log monitoring, and IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention system). 

Momentum Leader

Blumira ranked highly on G2’s Momentum Grid, which features products that have high-growth trajectories based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. 

As a Momentum Leader, Blumira ranks in the top 25% of the SIEM and IDPS categories. Out of 20 products in G2’s Summer 2022 Momentum Reports for SIEM, Blumira received the highest Momentum scores of all four categories, which represents Blumira’s strong position in the cybersecurity industry. For the IDPS category specifically, Blumira blew the competition out of the water with a momentum score of 94 out of 100, beating out major competitors including AlienVault USM, Palo Alto, and Check Point IPS.

Blumira gained even more momentum this year by releasing the industry’s first free SIEM with detection and response, enabling businesses of all sizes and levels of expertise to quickly and easily secure their Microsoft 365 environments at no cost.

Best Estimated ROI

Blumira also earned the Best Estimated ROI for the mid-market SIEM category, which ranks products based on factors such as customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and reported ease of doing business. Out of 12 vendors in the category, Blumira received the highest estimated return on investment (ROI) score. Blumira was also ranked #1 for price in the SIEM category. 

Historically, it’s been difficult for organizations to maximize their SIEM investment — especially mid-market companies with fewer resources to implement, manage and maintain the tool. Traditional SIEMs require a lot of resources to work properly. A security expert needs to fine-tune and configure detection rules so that it sends the necessary alerts, and the SIEM needs to be usable enough for the security team to continue getting value from it. 

“I researched a number of SIEM providers online and found most were way out-of-the-ballpark expensive, required a lot of infrastructure and didn’t provide a great return on our investment,” said Fritz Ludemann, Information Systems Administrator at City of Crescent City, a Blumira customer.

Blumira’s security team performs fine-tuning and configuration on your behalf, which means that you don’t need to have a team of security experts to maximize Blumira’s value. Blumira’s pricing is also transparent and predictable. 

David S., CISO of a small business, said in a G2 review, “If you are ready for it, you will start getting actionable information from day zero.”

Most Implementable

Blumira also earned the Most Implementable SIEM for the fifth consecutive time, which ranks products based on factors such as customer satisfaction with the setup process and amount of time required to deploy. Blumira earned a 91% ease of setup score, with an average implementation time of .64 months, or 19 days — compared to the industry average of 2.17 months.

Blumira released Cloud Connectors at the beginning of 2022, making our fast deployment even easier for our customers using cloud apps such as Duo Security, Microsoft 365, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using Cloud Connectors, customers can ingest logs directly from third-party APIs, bringing deployment time from hours to minutes.

Easy setup was one of the many reasons why construction company Atlantic Constructors chose Blumira. Jim Paolicelli, IT Director, said that he was able to perform 90% of the implementation himself within an afternoon. 

“It was easy to set up the Duo Security, Crowdstrike, Microsoft 365, Azure and Windows Server integrations using Blumira’s excellent documentation,” Paolicelli said.

Best Usability, Easiest to Use

In our mission to make security accessible for all organizations, we’ve lowered the barriers to getting good security by developing a product that’s easy to use and manage — and one that’s completely free for organizations to try. We’re proud to have earned multiple badges that highlight those efforts: Easiest to Use, Easiest Admin, and Best Usability. 

Many SIEMs are notorious for being complex platforms with confusing dashboards that overload its users with useless alerts. To address those challenges, Blumira’s support team handles many of the management tasks that have historically been pain points — including parsing, configuring alerts, fine-tuning, and rule deployment. 

Blumira is easy for non-security experts to use, providing playbooks with each finding that guide users through how to respond to an alert. 

“It’s easy to use late at night or by a non-security person, and a third-party SOC can jump in here and know what to do and who to reach out to. It’s so easy, a CISO can use it,” said a CISO at a mid-sized healthcare company

Best Support 

Blumira earned the Best Support G2 badge for the eighth consecutive time, beating out competitors including Splunk, Sumo Logic, LogRhythm, and Insight IDR. Blumira was also rated #1 in the mid-market for quality of support.

Blumira scored high in customer satisfaction across the board. 96% of customers would recommend Blumira to others and said that Blumira was easy to do business with. 

We’re proud to offer responsive support to our customers via our team of security experts. Blumira’s security analysts act as trusted advisors for our customers and partner with them to provide education for their overall security success.

Ottawa County, a local government agency, said the ability to work intimately with Blumira’s team was one of the reasons why they chose the solution.

“It’s great that Blumira listens to us and we’re not just a small fish in a big pond,” said Mike Morrow, the organization’s Technical Infrastructure Manager.

See Why Customers Love Blumira

For the SIEM category, Blumira earned the highest satisfaction ratings, with such factors as:

  • Ease of business
  • Likely to recommend
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of use

Our SIEM also ranked highest in the results index, which includes factors like most likely to recommend, meet requirements, estimated ROI and other factors – beating out AlienVault (Now AT&T Cybersecurity), Graylog and Sumo Logic.

Now it’s easier than ever for customers to see the value of Blumira; sign up for a free account to secure your Microsoft 365 environment and get valuable data in minutes — no credit card required.

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