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I arrived at Blumira one year ago. We knew we had a lot of work to do in order to make the Blumira product more manageable for MSPs and we started by gathering feedback. Our managed service provider (MSP) community loved our security functionality, but asked us for certain product functionality to help them easily manage their customers’ security, using Blumira’s SIEM that combines logging with automated detection and response.

Drumroll please…announcing our new MSP Portal! It’s designed to specifically support the way MSPs do business and streamline the ability to manage multiple customers within the app. We’ve also launched a robust partner marketing kit filled with case studies, data sheets, slide decks, guides and more to help you learn more about Blumira while easily marketing and selling security to your customers.

Blumira already removed all barriers to entry for MSPs with our free-for-internal-use NFR licensing of our Advanced edition for our MSP Partners. We bill based on user count, monthly, in arrears, to align with how you run your business. We even went a step further and released our Free edition for Microsoft 365 available to get your customers started on their SIEM journey for free as well! 

We’ve also made the subject line of our email alerts easily parsable to better support MSP ticketing workflows. You can map your customers’ Blumira findings to their proper service board and triage your priority findings quickly for faster resolution and better security outcomes for your customers. (I know, I know, you want the full PSA integration for ticketing and billing. We’ll get there!)

We hope these releases will help automate, streamline and further support you in your quest to manage IT and security for your SMB customer base. This demonstrates our dedication to help simplify security for MSPs, from selling to responding to threats. This is the first in the line of additional MSP-specific product roadmap features that will be released over the coming months and years.

What You Can Do With Our MSP Portal

“Blumira’s new MSP Portal will greatly reduce our customer onboarding and administration times by providing immediate access to common changes and reducing the need to open support requests. This will also let us close the loop much faster on customer access requests and billing inquiries. We’re very glad to see Blumira continuing to improve usability for MSPs.” 

Chris Lewis, Information Security Manager, NetSource One, Inc.

It’s easier than ever to quickly add and edit organizations and users, without delay. Log in to the Blumira application, and navigate to your left menu where you’ll see MSP Portal listed as a menu item.

Note: If you don’t see it, please email [email protected] because you probably need access to an NFR account 🙂

Click on MSP Portal to expand, and you’ll see a few new pages – Accounts, Users and Settings.


Now as an MSP, you can add a new sub-account for any customer that you service with Blumira’s platform. 

You can add one at a time, or upload a CSV with multiple entries to create many accounts at once, helping your MSP service manager save time on administrative work.

You simply add an account name, associated web domain, user count (number of billable users), and select the Blumira edition applied to each account. You then select the members of your team that should have access to the new org, and hit Create Account


You can navigate to this section to add a user, including their email address, phone number for text alerts, or phone number for voice alerts. You can also see and assign which role is applied to each user, Admin or Responder. 

By selecting a specific existing user, you can see and edit their details and also update which accounts they have access to.


Use this page to update the email that Blumira sends monthly invoices to. You can fill out the text field with an email address – at the end of the month, the invoice and billing detail report will be sent to the chosen address.

Partner Marketing Kit & Support

Selling security can be hard. Let us help you! Within the MSP portal, you will see a Help button in the lower left corner. By clicking it, you will be taken to Blumira’s partner support site. 

On that site, you’ll see resources including:

Marketing Your Blumira Partnership

In our partner kit, you’ll have access to everything you need to understand, market and sell Blumira, including:

  • Data sheets
  • Battle cards
  • Slide deck presentations
  • Videos
  • Compliance mapping
  • Case studies

Getting Started With Your Blumira Partnership

Get information about Blumira’s MSP program, including:

  • Understanding Blumira for MSPs: Video
  • MSP pricing and billing
  • Partnership support
  • Customer onboarding template
  • Four steps to selling Blumira

Administering Blumira Accounts

  • Contacting Blumira for support
  • Blumira product demo
  • Adding and updating customer accounts in MSP Portal
  • Helping customers integrate with Blumira
  • Managing, adding and updating users in MSP Portal
  • Blumira roles for MSPs
  • Managing users in sub-accounts

And more!

Product Update: Easily Triage Alerts With Your Ticketing System

In addition to a new MSP portal and partner marketing kit, we’ve enhanced our email alerts to better support MSP ticketing workflows so you can triage your priority findings to your team quickly for faster resolution and better overall security outcomes for your customers. 

It’s easy to start sending Blumira’s finding notifications and scheduled reports to your desired professional services automation (PSA) system, such as ConnectWise Manage, Data Autotask, or N-able.

Learn more in our support article, Configuring Blumira to send notifications and scheduled reports to a MSP PSA tool.

For MSPs managing multiple customers in Blumira’s app, you can easily match Blumira’s finding email notifications to the correct customer in your PSA ticket system. ConnectWise allows some parsing of emails based on attributes in the subject line. 

Learn more in our support article, Parsing Blumira findings in ConnectWise Manage.

We hope these releases will help make it easy for you to manage your customers, and as always, reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.

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