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As an MSP owner or technician, you already know that cybersecurity needs to be a priority for organizations of all sizes. But convincing your customers — especially those in small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) — to prioritize cybersecurity can be challenging. 

Not only that, the cybersecurity market is daunting for an SMB. It’s inundated with products that have high barriers to entry, complex onboarding, exorbitant costs, or all of the above. 

All the while, the vendors are expecting you — the MSP— to do all the hard work of selling, onboarding, and managing their solutions for your clients, often without so much as even a free trial to help you out. 

That’s why we’re proud to launch Blumira’s Free edition, a security information and event management (SIEM) platform that secures Microsoft 365 environments for unlimited data and users. 

If you’ve taken advantage of our free NFR licensing, you know how easy it is to set up and use Blumira’s Advanced Edition. Now you can use our Free edition to get your customers started on their SIEM journey to prove the value before you have to ask for more money.

SMBs Deserve an Easy-To-Use SIEM

Finding a good SIEM for an SMB customer seems nearly impossible. Most SIEMs require weeks or months of fine-tuning, configuration, and parsing to get fully set up. Running a report requires a knowledge of complex query languages. 

Recommending a SIEM — which is often hailed as the epitome of complexity and frustration — sounds like a recipe for disaster for an SMB customer with limited resources. After all, your partnership relies on trust, and your recommendations should yield good experiences. 

At the same time, a SIEM is fast-becoming an essential component of nearly any security stack. It’s important for SMBs, regardless of their knowledge or experience levels, to have access to a SIEM that will make their lives easier, not more frustrating. 

Blumira’s free edition fills that gap — not just by being free but by being simple and easy to use.

Blumira’s free SIEM can be set up in a matter of minutes, without any additional resources such as a sensor. Once set up, Blumira pulls in Microsoft 365 data and automatically deploys detections fine-tuned to reduce noisy alerts. When findings are received, responders know exactly what to do with built-in security playbooks that walk through remediation steps.

Free Editions Should Easily Prove Value 

Other vendors may offer trials with a few features or the ability to look at small slices of data, but we find most don’t let you get deep enough into the product to actually leverage the security value that you and your customers need from it. Many of these vendors want to provide the smallest amount of value required while incurring the least amount of cost — and gathering the highest number of leads possible.

Unsurprisingly, vendors tend to benefit from these situations, but they force users into working around a lot of limitations to prove that the product has value, or dodging countless emails and phone calls from a sales rep after signing up. 

We’ve discussed similar problems with some NFR licensing, too, which is why we’ve created the Blumira NFR program without any of those barriers. And we’ve designed our free edition the same way, so that you and your customers will get immense value from it. 

Free edition customers under your multi-tenancy serves as our deal registration process. Once set up, those companies belong to you and all communication goes through the partner. We won’t contact your customers. Period.

Our free edition includes: 

  • Coverage for unlimited users and data for Microsoft 365 
  • Detections automatically activated, fine-tuned for noise 
  • Summary dashboard of key findings and basic reports
  • No special Microsoft licensing required

We’re glad that we’re not alone in this approach; other leading cybersecurity vendors are changing the industry by offering valuable free products without the friction.  

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It’s difficult for your customers to gain context for something until they actually use it. Blumira Free is a key part of the evaluation process because it helps users to learn the value of the product on their own schedules, no pressure. If it’s not a good fit, that’s okay. And if it is, we make it easy to upgrade to a paid version for more security coverage, longer data retention and support from our security operations team.

Don’t let the value stop at servicing your existing customers, either. 

Use Blumira’s Free edition as the foundation of your own product led growth offering. 

Bring more prospects into your managed services funnel by starting them out with free M365 security monitoring.

Your Customers Need Microsoft 365 Security 

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular cloud software with over 250 million monthly users.  But that popularity is a double-edged sword; adversaries attack Microsoft 365 more than any other software environment (Statista). 

This is especially problematic because Microsoft 365 is such a central part of an organization’s identity infrastructure. Users log in through it. Employees use it to receive and send email. Users store and share sensitive data in M365. Because of that reliance, Microsoft 365 becomes an extremely important piece of technology to monitor.

Here’s the other kicker: 85% of companies that use Microsoft 365 are small to medium businesses. And as we’ve mentioned previously, SMBs have fewer cybersecurity resources. That’s why access to affordable cybersecurity for Microsoft 365 is so important. 

Using Blumira’s Free edition, organizations can quickly understand their level of risk and gain deeper visibility into their Microsoft 365 environments. The free version of Blumira doesn’t limit detections, so users can quickly get into the product to view suspicious activity such as:

  • When files are shared with personal email addresses
  • Any impossible travel activity
  • Multiple failed user logon attempts 
  • And more

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Help Us Spread The Word About Blumira’s Free SIEM

Since Blumira was founded in 2018, our ultimate goal has been to provide all organizations with accessible and affordable cybersecurity. We’re proud to make this vision a reality with Blumira Free. 

As your partner, we want to make it easy for you to deliver affordable cybersecurity solutions to your clients. And introducing them to Blumira’s Free edition is one way to do that. 

Whether your customers are just starting out on their security journey or they’ve got a SIEM or threat detection and response in place already, trying Blumira Free only requires a few minutes — so what do they have to lose? 

Spread the word about Blumira’s free SIEM. To get started on your NFR, or to add customers to your multi-tenancy on the Free edition, submit this form or email [email protected] to learn more.

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