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Another season is in bloom, and the G2 spring reports are out! Blumira is delighted to announce flourishing results with G2 badges such as Most Implementable, Fastest Implementation, Best Support, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and many more.

Sweet Songs of Satisfied Users

These badges flower from the feedback of our users in the form of G2 reviews. We thrive on reviews like these:

“Best SEIM in town”

The site is easy to use, and it’s pretty intuitive to navigate. We had an easy implemenation [sic] process. Our rep was very knowledgable [sic] and was able to answer all of our questions. Since implementation, we have reached out to support and they always respond the day of which is really nice. We get alerts daily, and it’s really helpful to view everything all in one place.

Implementing our SIEM is a Breeze 

We aim to make security effortless, especially for small and medium sized businesses with lean IT teams, so we’re honored that Blumira received Most Implementable badge in the Small Business Incident Response and Small Business SIEM categories. 

We bloom quickly, too – our Fastest Implementation awards span several categories, including SOAR, XDR, Mid-Market Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics, Small-Business Incident Response, and Small-Business SIEM.

Additionally, Blumira was awarded Easiest Setup in the category of Small-Business SIEM, as well as Easiest Admin for the categories mid-market XDR, SOAR, and Incident Response.

“Quickest Implementation Ever”

The ease of implementation and integration are by far the best things Blumira has to offer. Their customer support is quick to respond when a new rule needs added or there is a question.

Cultivating Cybersecurity Together

Small IT teams don’t have to go it alone – the Blumira support team has your back. Our Incident Detection Engineers create detection rules and provide response playbooks to guide your team through remediation and response, making it simple for your team to take action right away. And our Security Operations team provides 24/7 expert guidance, translating threat data into actionable recommendations to resolve critical security issues. 

It’s no surprise then that customers ranked us Best Support and Best Relationship in the Small-Business SIEM category.

Reaping the Rewards of Effective Security

Our support doesn’t just keep customers content – it cultivates proven threat protection and ROI. Within the XDR and SOAR categories, Blumira earned Best Estimated ROI badges. We also earned the G2 badge Users Most Likely to Recommend in the Mid-Market XDR and SOAR categories.

“The weight has been lifted!”

The customer service is absolutely fantastic. Very skilled and responsive group of folks that are a joy to work with! The system is very easy to understand and implement and they do ALL the heavy lifting for you. I can’t express this enough. With traditional SIEM’s, you have to spend so much time just getting it off the ground and half your waking hours tuning it and being sure to stay on top of emerging threats, new features, abnormal behavior, etc. Why do this when you have Blumira? My small team has found it to be a very affordable and efficient product not only notifying us of things we otherwise wouldn’t detect but also teaching us things we didn’t know we needed to know! Very responsive and solid system with zero issues in our many months of use. We’re excited to see this product continue to mature and look forward to it’s [sic] continued benefits and ease of use.

Flourishing Across Categories

In full bloom, Blumira garnered 21 High Performer G2 badges across the following categories: XDR, NDR, SOAR, Log Monitoring, SIEM, Incident Response, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, and IDPS. 

We also earned 5 Momentum Leader G2 badges in the categories Network Detection and Response (NDR), Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), Incident Response, and SIEM.

Harvesting Feedback

These results stem from reviews by the G2 user community. If you’re a customer, let us know how we’re doing and get a $25 gift card!

Not using Blumira yet? Sign up for our free XDR 30-day trial to see our award-winning SIEM + XDR solution in action.

Growth and innovation continue to sprout at Blumira – stay tuned for more updates!

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