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At Blumira, our motivation is empowering IT teams with technology that simplifies complex data and security challenges. We appreciate our friend Tom Lawrence testing out Blumira hands-on and confirming it delivers on that goal. His decades of experience give a unique insight into how our platform can solve real-world challenges for IT teams and MSPs. 

In this video, Tom explores how Blumira complements existing security tools by improving visibility and making remediation workflows simpler and smoother.

As Tom explains, Blumira gathers and correlates data from firewalls, endpoints, cloud applications – you name it – into unified visibility. This lets analysts of any skill level get the full picture to quickly remediate threats. Blumira’s agents, sensors, and connectors gather log data across hybrid environments and centralizes it to cross-reference risks and threats.

Tom also highlights Blumira’s focus on automation and ease of use. Executable remediations like one-click, or automatic, host isolation boost incident response. Guided investigation workflows allow tier-one helpdesk analysts to remediate incidents as if they were security professionals. Fine-tuned detection rules reduce unnecessary noise, and the MSP portal eases multi-tenant management and provides self-service provisioning for IT Service Providers.

Most of all, we appreciate Tom’s business. As he mentions, his company uses Blumira both internally and for their managed services customers. His balanced analysis reflects our vision of solving problems by listening to users.

For small IT and security teams bogged down by too many tools and fragmented workflows, Blumira aims to allow them to maintain operational efficiency while satisfying compliance requirements and upping their games in detection and response. I hope you’ll be as excited as Tom about Blumira optimizing security operations.

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