30-Minute Security How-To: Stop Ransomware

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Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses as they struggle to defend against outbreaks due to lack of resources, no security operations center (SOC) or security expertise, and little time for dedicated investigation and response.

Join Blumira’s Incident Detection Engineer Brian Laskowski and VP of Operations Patrick Garrity as they discuss the stages of a ransomware kill chain. IT and security teams will learn how to detect and respond to suspicious activity quickly enough to prevent an infection.

In this roundtable, our experts will discuss:

  • A breakdown of the different attack stages, or steps of the ransomware kill chain
  • Types of techniques that attackers use, and how can evade most security software detection
  • How Blumira helps small teams easily monitor, identify and get alerted about attacker behavior 
  • How organizations can respond early enough to prevent a ransomware infection from inflicting real damage


Brian Laskowski - Blumira

Brian Laskowksi, Incident Detection Engineer
Brian has five years of experience in IT, with prior work including Linux systems administration to most recently leading the threat intelligence program at the State of Michigan security operations center. Other areas of focus have included, incident response, threat hunting, memory analysis, adversary emulation, and SOC metrics. Brian currently holds SANS certifications for the GCIH, GCTI, and most recently the GDAT.

Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops, Blumira

Patrick Garrity, VP of Operations, Blumira
Patrick has years of experience in the security industry building and scaling usable security products. He currently leads Blumira’s product, sales and marketing teams. Prior to joining Blumira, he led sales engineering, product marketing and international expansion for Duo Security.

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