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2024 Cloud Security Awards: Blumira Wins Best Security Solution with 1,000+ Licensed Users

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2024 Cloud Security Awards: Blumira Wins Best Security Solution with 1,000+ Licensed Users
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The 2024 Cloud Security Awards has recognized Blumira’s steadfast dedication to delivering tailored cybersecurity solutions to SMBs by awarding it Best Security Solution with 1,000+ Licensed Users.

Now in its second year and with expanded categories, The Cloud Security Awards program celebrates the pivotal innovations in cloud-based security solutions worldwide. All categories recognize developments across several areas of cloud security in a dynamic cybersecurity landscape.  

“We are delighted to reveal the winners of The 2024 Cloud Security Awards,” said James Williams, CEO of The Cloud Awards. “This year’s contest has been very closely fought, which is a tribute to the quality of submissions we’ve seen and a credit to the cloud security industry as a whole.”

Blumira has successfully navigated all three rounds of judging during a rigorous selection process, impressing the judges with its innovations and commitment to keeping data and other assets safe, secure and private. 

Most SIEMs haven’t been attainable, affordable or usable for SMBs. Traditionally, the SIEM category suggested a long deployment, ongoing maintenance, onsite infrastructure, complexity, a resource drain on their team, and pricing that escalated as data ingestion or integrations grew.

And out of those shortcomings, Blumira’s mission was hatched—to make this advanced security tool something organizations with limited resources can use. Compared to competitors, SMBs can deploy Blumira Cloud SIEM five times faster than the average SIEM provider, and the solution integrates seamlessly with over 70 applications, with new integrations added regularly. 

In addition, many businesses also need help to meet security needs to support remote work. Most lack internal security teams; even if someone handles security, they often have other responsibilities, such as IT or help desk tasks.

To help SMBs with limited resources, Blumira combines cloud-based SIEM with extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. Blumira lifts the burden from resource-strapped IT teams by handling manual security tasks, saving them time and allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

“Winning a Cloud Security Award is a testament to Blumira’s unwavering dedication to democratizing cybersecurity for SMBs,” said Jim Simpson, CEO of Blumira. “We firmly believe that every organization, regardless of size or resources, should have access to state-of-the-art security. This belief fuels our commitment to empowering all businesses to protect themselves effectively against evolving threats in their respective industries.”

Try our Free SIEM Edition to learn more about how Blumira supports your cybersecurity strategy. Prospective customers and existing Blumira Free SIEM users can also trial our XDR platform for 30 days. The trial includes a guided tour of Blumira Agent for endpoint visibility and in-app tips to maximize value.

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