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For accounting firms, meeting compliance mandates and securing sensitive client data are top priorities. Robinson, Grimes & Company, a mid-sized accounting firm based in Columbus, Georgia, needed to implement a SIEM solution to align with industry regulations like the IRS Taxpayer Protection Program and the FTC Safeguards Rule.

But with a small IT team of just three and no dedicated security expertise, Robinson, Grimes & Co. struggled to find a SIEM solution that didn’t require extensive resources and know-how to run.

The Blumira cloud SIEM platform provided the perfect fit. Pre-configured detections, automated alerting, and dedicated security support enabled Robinson, Grimes, & Co. to easily meet compliance needs and gain improved threat visibility.

Blumira enabled this accounting firm to:

  • Quickly deploy a SIEM without a large security team
  • Integrate smoothly with their existing tech stack
  • Gain greater insight into potential threats
  • Strengthen compliance with IRS and FTC regulations

Overcoming Resource Limitations

Like many mid-sized firms, Robinson, Grimes, & Co. lacked a large IT staff with specialized security knowledge. Their IT department consisted of just three generalists supporting all technology needs.

After spending over a year evaluating SIEM options, they found most solutions too complex and burdensome for their needs and resource constraints. Blumira offered an ideal alternative with a purpose-built platform specifically created for teams facing such capability gaps.

With Blumira’s pre-configured detections, transparent pricing, and customer support, the firm’s IT team was able to implement the Blumira SIEM quickly and easily without added headcount. The solution did not require extensive tuning or internal expertise.

Integrating Seamlessly with Existing Systems

To maximize value from the SIEM, Robinson, Grimes & Co. needed comprehensive coverage of their environment. With over 200 integrations, Blumira smoothly integrated with their stack including:

  • Windows Servers
  • VMware Horizon and vCenter
  • Citrix ADC load balancers
  • Cylance endpoint security
  • Duo multifactor authentication
  • SonicWall next-generation firewall

APIs and syslog enabled turnkey connectivity for this heterogeneous tech stack. Robinson, Grimes, & Co. was ingesting logs within minutes of deployment.

Gaining Greater Threat Visibility

With logs and alerts centralized through Blumira, Robinson, Grimes, & Co. achieved new levels of visibility. The SIEM serves as an early warning system, detecting suspicious activity across endpoints, servers, and cloud apps.

Blumira has been especially valuable for gaining insight into systems that cannot run AV tools directly. The continuous monitoring and threat intelligence analysis provides threat detection that the firm previously lacked.

Strengthening Compliance

By implementing the Blumira SIEM, Robinson, Grimes, & Co. is better positioned to comply with key regulations including:

  • IRS Taxpayer Protection Program guidelines
  • FTC Safeguards Rule for financial data security
  • Client vendor risk assessments

Centralized logging, detailed audit trails, and automated alerting ensure Robinson, Grimes, & Co. can adhere to these mandates and certification standards.

The Blumira SIEM Secures Accounting Firms

Partnering with Blumira allowed Robinson, Grimes, & Co. to clear compliance hurdles, improve threat visibility, and operate more securely—all without added staff overhead. The SIEM’s pre-configured capabilities and customer support deliver immediate value for accounting firms.

Read the full customer story, or explore the Blumira SIEM yourself with with a free trial.

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