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    October 6, 2020

    A Security Engineer Does InfoSec Marketing

    I’ve never thought that I’ve been great at marketing, good? Sure, but definitely not great. I’ve done my bit personally over the last few years to build up followers, although not really on purpose. I kind of just stick to being me, try to be as kind and understanding as the internet allows, along with my own version of funny, and people just gather.

    However, marketing for your own personal brand is a tad different than marketing for a company right? Well, last week our amazing marketing person Thu took a much needed first vacation away from our crazy fast growing startup. So why not jump on in and keep it going for her right? I mean, I was handling our social media before we ever got a marketing or sales team before, how hard could it be?

    Day 1

    Day 1 started out with some much needed advice. I didn’t have a marketing plan or strategy. Some of my favorites that Blumira now specializes in:

    • Blumira is the only certified military grade thought leadership provider in the universe.
      @BabblingGeek asked for “…a product that replaces executives with blockchain powered AIs. We can save companies millions!” and we came through!
    • Now being offered by @blumirasec: Build-A-Square – You pick the pieces and parts, and we add our special nextgen blockchain time ai to give it life!
    • Tired of spending all of that time and money on pesky salaries for real people? We’ve got your back (& all the other parts needed).
    • @eanmyer wanted us to “Send USB drives to everyone on the marketing list with your latest marketecture PDFs.” And he even provided us with his address to send him some! 1060 West Addison St Chicago, IL 60613 (hint, not his real address)
    • @ConsultingCso had a great idea of declaring “We take your security seriously with our military-grade product” on-blast. Spend the entire social media budget on amplifying.”
    • Now from Blumira, we have automatic military-grade time AI ML blockchain nextgen advancement criteria
    • @packscott started a thread about bloomers that quickly turned into blooming onions. But what about some branded Blumira Bloomers too?

    Day 2

    Now the second day comes along and I’m already giving Blumira a new mascot and asking our followers to suggest some names! I’m pretty sure Mira is the clear winner according to our poll, but some of my other favorites were SIEMba, EDITH (Easily Detect Incidents, Threats Handled), Wartenberg, and, of course, Cthedgehog (although I’m unsure how well spikes and tentacles would go together).

    Day 3

    Ok, mid-week….what else should I try to engage with the security community. How about an AMA (Ask Me Anything)? Well…. This one didn’t pan out so well. I’m going to go based on the fact of my poor timing. There was quite a bit of drama happening on the internet that day surrounding some political things, and I did ask kind of early in the morning on the East coast. But hey, I’m just spitballing ideas here…they can’t all be winners.

    Day 4

    Day 4 consisted of a tiny bit of good natured trolling aimed at @jwgoerlich. He was scheduled to have a roundtable with @patrickmgarrity about Zero Trust networks. I awarded each person 50 internet points to join in on the roundtable and post random words as questions for Wolf to answer. He didn’t fail to deliver:

    Day 5

    As many of you know, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. I was tagged on Twitter to make some custom marketing, and showed off my amazing iMovie skills with a custom video to promote the occasion, because who doesn’t like the giant crazy honking rubber chickens? (I may have several at home…)

    In conclusion, I can definitely tell you that I love my job at Blumira. I love being able to change where and how detection platforms are heading and how they interact with the intelligent customers on the other end. I’m definitely not cut out to be in marketing and I can tell that my skills are much better served on the technical side as opposed to the creative and people-reaching sides. If you have marketing staff at your organization, make sure you give them props, it’s a tough and time consuming gig. I’m gonna go head back to digging deep into some fun Office 365 logs now.

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    Amanda Berlin

    Amanda Berlin is Lead Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira, bringing nearly two decades of experience to her position. At Blumira she leads a team of incident detection engineers who are responsible for creating new detections based on threat intelligence and research for the Blumira platform. An accomplished...

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