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    January 30, 2020

    What excites me about Shmoocon 2020 and where to find me!

    For those that haven’t heard of Shmoocon, it’s a leading information security conference located in Washington DC that starts tomorrow January 31st, 2020 and runs through Sunday, February 2nd. Shmoocon’s popularity has continued to gain traction in the security community because of its notoriety for having industry leading technical talks. For me, many of my industry friends and contacts have come from attending talks and workshops at this annual conference. Shmoocon has a variety of different activities for attendees to look forward to  including the Lockpick Village, ShmooCon Labs, Hack Fortress, and more.

    What talks am I most excited about at Shmoocon 2020?

    The first to catch my eye is “Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful” which goes in depth about threat intelligence, why attribution is so difficult, and some case studies showing  how purple teams can leverage Adversary Detection Pipelines to enhance their operations and encourage an intelligence driven security program.

    As a security product engineer, I’m interested in Wendy Knox Everette’s talk “Vendors, and Risk, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My: How to Create a Vendor Review Process From the Ground Up” Having created a vendor review process myself in the past, I think bringing both vendor and client sides together to provide a good review process would be very beneficial for many different companies. 

    Being in DC I can’t skip the panel “Hacking Democracy: On Securing an Election” with Casey Ellis, Tod Beardsley, Kimber Dowsett, Jack Cable, and Amelie Koran. I have a close friend that works daily in election security so it’s something I have a little bit of background knowledge on. Watching a panel of different professionals weighing in on the topic will be super interesting as well.

    Where you can find me?
    An awesome supporter of the nonprofit I run called Mental Health Hackers, approached me to ask if we could have a fundraising get together somewhere close by the conference where we could chill out and play board games. On Saturday from 5:30-7:30 at Grand Central 2447 18th St Washington, DC.  I’ll be at that reception! Thanks to a bunch of supporters including Blumira for making it happen you can get food and drinks for a $20 donation.

    Other than that I’ll be around the hotel and lobby throughout the weekend until Monday morning. You can contact me through the @blumirasec twitter account if you don’t spot me!

    – Amanda Berlin

    Amanda Berlin

    Amanda Berlin is Lead Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira, bringing nearly two decades of experience to her position. At Blumira she leads a team of incident detection engineers who are responsible for creating new detections based on threat intelligence and research for the Blumira platform. An accomplished...

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