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    March 5, 2024

    What it’s really like to use Blumira: Our G2 review roundup

    When our founders created Blumira, they designed it to be the cloud SIEM solution that resource-strapped IT teams were looking for.

    Now, you don’t have to just take our word for it when we say that our platform is the real deal. We’re proud to say that many customers and users brag on our behalf across review sites like G2. We consistently hear that our platform delivers transformative results, with:

    • Next-level security capabilities
    • Top-tier support and expertise
    • Easy setup and maintenance 
    • Partnerships and integrations at the ready

    Read on to hear what real users say about working with Blumira.


    Our SIEM was purpose-built with smaller teams in mind, which means we aim to keep security as intuitive and non-complex as possible—all while providing superior insights and services. We combined the power of endpoint visibility, 24/7 threat monitoring, and detection and response all into one essential solution.

    The result? Next-level security capabilities that save IT teams time, resources, and money.

    “I feel like I have another employee watching security for us. This is great for a small organization.”

    Les N.

    “The detections really help sort out the noise created by other security event and incident detection tools. The deployment was also much easier than most other SIEM tools.”

    Jeff B.



    We know that even with the smoothest security processes, issues can come up. With Blumira, customers also get access to our team of seasoned security experts. Our SecOps team is available 24/7 for critical, high-priority issues that any of our customers may be struggling with—and we’re prepared to provide top-tier support whenever and wherever they need it. 

    “Our experience with Blumira has been fantastic and we have it deployed across all of our clients.”

    Ben P., CTO

    “Learning how to use it only took a few minutes, and they have a great MSP program… Support has been great when we’ve had questions.”
    — Sean K., President

    “The Blumira team is friendly from a support standpoint, and we have also been impressed that their endpoint agent actually seems to be generating meaningful detections (such as recon behavior or risky software) that has not been highlighted by competitor products.”

    Verified user in computer and network security



    Security shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we designed our solution to be extremely hands-on and user-friendly. Even the leanest IT teams can get Blumira up and running in a matter of minutes—as opposed to the hours (or even days) it might take for larger enterprise-focused solutions to get installed. 

    Our commitment to approachability is also exactly why we created a free trial version of Blumira, which includes over 30 pre-tuned detection logs for Microsoft 365 logs alone.

    “Blumira is super easy to use and integrate. The rules will auto enable based on the types of integrations you use. I also liked the ability to have custom rules setup by the Blumira team. This is a great solution if you’re a small team looking to centralize your monitoring and reporting.”

    Verified user in transportation, trucking, and railroads

    “It’s completely set and forget, it just works.”

    Jean-François D., Software engineer


    Partnerships and integrations

    At Blumira, we know we will likely not be the only solution in your tech stack. We built our tool with collaboration and connectivity in mind, which makes us a great partner for other critical platforms and solutions.

    We’re the premier cloud SIEM designed to work with managed service providers (MSPs) and even resellers to help make security accessible to all teams, no matter their internal bandwidth.

    “Extremely easy to set up, uses an agentless approach that includes ingest of industry-standard syslog, which is perfect for cloud-first setups and multi-platform integration…Blumira is part of an emergent class of cloud-first secure approaches.”

    Verified user in computer software

    “The integration with sysmon to provide real-time analysis of the behavior of domain workstations is invaluable…Blumira significantly reduces admin overhead and time combing through endless system logs for meaningful data.”
    Verified user in government administration


    Let numbers speak for themselves

    We could talk all day about how great we think our own solution is—but that wouldn’t be very convincing, would it? Instead, we’re choosing to let the numbers speak for themselves. 

    One quick look at G2 shows that we have an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from 92 of our customers, 82% of which are rated five out of five stars. But we’re not the flashy type here at Blumira. While it’s nice to get a little confidence boost, our goal is (and always has been) to give our customers the security expertise and prowess they deserve.

    We’re glad the results are in.

    Get to know what the hype is all about. Check out a demo today.

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