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Blumira’s mission is to make it easy for SMBs to prevent a data breach. Now we’ve made it easier than ever for you to subscribe to Blumira’s paid editions and set up security right away. Start sending your logs to Blumira for early detection of attacker behavior and automated response to block and contain threats before they result in stolen data.

Get started by first signing up for a Free SIEM account – free to any user, forever. Start monitoring your cloud applications (up to three) in minutes with auto-deployed detection rules to identify threats and playbooks to guide you through response. Get 14 days of data retention, basic reporting capabilities and email notifications.

If you need longer data retention and more visibility across cloud and endpoints, consider upgrading to:

SIEM Starter – Set up a simple SIEM in minutes
Get started on your security journey with access to all of our cloud integrations, detection and response, 50 Blumira Agents and 90 days of data retention.

SIEM Starter + Compliance – One year of retention & high-level reporting
Upgrade Package Available for SIEM Starter + Compliance:
For an additional monthly fee, get extended storage (1 year of data retention) and Executive Summaries (high-level monthly and quarterly reporting)

How to get it:
Sign up or log in to your Blumira Free SIEM account. Navigate to Settings > Billing. Click “Buy SIEM Starter” or “Buy SIEM Starter + Compliance” to check out and upgrade your edition.

Need additional endpoint agents or expanded on-prem coverage for firewalls and other sensor-based integrations? Or help identifying unknown entry ports, onboarding, and 24/7 support? Reach out to our team to upgrade to:

SIEM+ – Extend your team with 24/7 support
Everything in SIEM Starter, plus:

  • Easily meet compliance with one year of data retention
  • Unlock access to all cloud and sensor integrations, and get unlimited Blumira Agents.*
  • Extend your team’s capabilities with 24×7 SecOps support, external threat scans, and manual response options
  • Enhance security reporting and investigation with Executive Summaries and Blumira Investigate

For around-the-clock detection and response, contact us to upgrade to:

XDR Platform – 24/7 threat detection & hands-off response
Everything in SIEM Plus, in addition to:

  • Automated response options require no manual intervention to immediately contain endpoint threats and block malicious traffic
  • Free onboarding for dedicated security setup success with a Blumira Solution Architect

*Get additional agents for a monthly fee

See our full list of features on our Pricing page.

Free SIEM (Forever)

Our free version of our product isn’t like other freemiums. It’s easy to set up in minutes by small IT teams of 1-3+. It provides long-lasting and real value, detecting early indications of attacker behavior to help you respond faster and protect against a breach.

With the platform being cloud-based, it’s very easy to quickly deploy. Right away using the free plan you can monitor up to three cloud based systems; i.e. Google Workspace, M365 and Cisco Umbrella. These are very easy to set up with full instructions provided.” – Blake R., IT Manager, Mid-Market (verified G2 review)

The setup was super easy. Instructions online made it easy to handle internally. Deploy was a snap with a pre-built config. It provided a free trial unlike any of the others that we reviewed. They provide plugins to connect to most existing products, including M365.” – Joe P., IT Manager, Mid-Market (verified G2 review)

A small manufacturing company was alerted to a malicious incident using Blumira’s Free SIEM for Microsoft 365:

“Blumira proved its value when I received a P3 alert that a user provided consent for an application on their account. Blumira flagged it as suspicious, which led me to immediately investigate it and confirm that it was a malicious incident…If it weren’t for Blumira’s notification, this incident would most likely never have been detected until it was way too late.


“On our current business license for Microsoft 365, they don’t offer conditional access or real reporting for Azure. So if we’re not going in and manually checking, we won’t know about anything like this, and Microsoft won’t give you any enhanced information about M365,” their IT sysadmin said. “We’re benefiting from Blumira alerting us to suspicious activity that isn’t even available with our Microsoft service right now.” – Anonymous, IT System Administrator, Oil & Gas Manufacturer (read case study)

Managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients also get value out of the Free SIEM, using its meaningful alerts to stop attacks in real-time:

“Blumira’s automated alerts are incredibly well-focused and have helped us stop spear phishing attacks in progress in real time as they happen. Their free tier should be applied to all MSP clients and is a great way to offer M365 protection. The value of this service is a great tool for selling the advanced license. Our experience with Blumira has been fantastic and we have it deployed across all of our clients.”


“Blumira has alerted us to phishing attacks in real time as user’s mailboxes apply suspicious rules. To date, every critical incident we have received notifications on have been valid attacks that required intervention. In the first few months of use, Blumira has already thwarted several phishing attacks and has allowed us to remediate and alert our clients and their vendors to the incidents before any damage was done.” – Ben P., Chief Technology Officer, Mid-Market (verified G2 review)

Sign up for free!

Or Free XDR Trial (for 30 Days)

Go from Free SIEM to a free XDR trial in two clicks – Log in, navigate to the left menu, click on button Learn More > then Start Free Trial.

Once activated, you can take the first step by installing a Blumira Agent on a chosen device for endpoint visibility and response.

What You Get With Your 30-Day XDR Trial:

  • Select up to 3 easy-to-setup cloud integrations (XDR Trials get unlimited access)
  • Endpoint visibility and response for Windows, Mac & Linux (during XDR Trial only)
  • Pre-built and tuned detections identify advanced threats early, alerting you in minutes
  • Playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps
  • Access to summary dashboards and basic reports (Executive Summaries, advanced reports and dashboards in XDR Trial)
  • Automated response to contain threats immediately through device isolation (during XDR Trial only)
  • Limited Blumira security operations support (during XDR Trial only)
  • Log unlimited data from unlimited employees
    14 days of data retention (30 days during XDR Trial)

Get XDR Free

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