Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Tips for Simplified Cloud Security Monitoring

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So, you’ve migrated to the cloud. It sounds reasonable enough to use the same tried-and-true approach that you used to secure your on-prem environment, right? Monitoring and securing a cloud environment comes with completely different challenges and requirements — and having a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality to cloud security can lead to disaster.  

Cloud means more services to monitor, a wider attack surface, and more tools, leading to blindspots. In fact, lack of visibility in a cloud environment is what contributed to the infamous Capital One AWS breach in 2019.

Join Blumira’s Bill Reyor, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer, Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer and Patrick Garrity, VP of Operations, and learn practical tips you can apply to your cloud security strategy to combat rising threats like ransomware and malware. 

In this roundtable discussion, they’ll cover:

  • What log sources are most important to monitor to identify indicators of attacker techniques early and respond quickly to contain a breach
  • Why alert fatigue is so problematic, and how to avoid it 
  • How cloud monitoring differs from monitoring on-premises environments like Microsoft Active Directory

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Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer

Nato is dedicated to helping Blumira build the most effective and efficient SIEM on the market for small to mid-sized businesses. Prior to joining Blumira, he held roles at LogRhythm and Data Network Group. Other ventures include notiaPoint, Inc., where Nato invented the Olympiad, a toolbox that makes large scale projects and deployments for cloud development projects more secure and agile. In his spare time, Nato runs a YouTube channel, Nato as Code, where he discusses topics such as infrastructure as code and building a cybersecurity career.

Bill Reyor, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer

Bill Reyor joined Blumira as Sr. Incident Detection Engineer from Disney after successfully creating a detection and response capability for Disney streaming services including Disney+, ABC, National Geographic, and ESPN. Bill has successfully led social engineering & penetration testing assessments for Foresite, Inc., established an information security program at Fairfield University as CISO, and has also held role of lead Incident Responder at UTC (Now Raytheon) successfully leading several major international incidents from start to closure and remediation

Patrick Garrity, VP of Operations

Patrick has years of experience in the security industry, building and scaling usable security products. He currently leads Blumira’s product, sales and marketing teams. Prior to joining Blumira, he led sales engineering, product marketing and international expansion for Duo Security.

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