5 Ways SMBs Can Defend Against Ransomware

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Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses as they struggle to defend against outbreaks due to lack of resources, no security operations center (SOC) or security expertise, and little time for dedicated investigation and response.

Join Cerium Networks’ Scott Nelson, Director of Cybersecurity, along with Blumira’s CTO and Co-Founder Matthew Warner, and Content Marketing Manager, Erica Mixon, as they go through 5 practical tips that small IT and security teams can use to defend themselves against ransomware, using the resources they have today.

The financial impact of a ransomware attack on an SMB can be debilitating. IT and security teams will learn how to detect and respond to suspicious activity quickly enough to prevent an infection.

In this roundtable, our experts will discuss:

  • Challenges that small IT and security teams face when defending against ransomware
  • Practical solutions to those challenges that don’t require extra budget or expertise
  • How organizations can respond early enough to prevent a ransomware infection from inflicting real damage
  • How Blumira helps small teams easily monitor, identify and get alerted about attacker behavior 

This interactive, conversational-style session encourages questions and engagement with viewers – so sign up today for access to our security experts.


Scott Nelson, Director of Cybersecurity, Cerium Networks
Scott helps organizations realize their business potential by visualizing what’s possible and delivering solutions that maximize ROI. Whether he is empowering remote workers by moving workloads to the cloud or building out a zero-trust architecture to align with a security framework, Scott focuses on building customized solutions, passionately delivered with honesty, accountability, and responsiveness.

Matthew Warner, CTO and Co-Founder, Blumira

Matt has over 10 years of experience in IT and development, focusing on business strategy, development, compliance, threat detection and penetration testing. Previously, he was Director of Security Services, Development & Security at NetWorks Group, responsible for defensive information security and services.

Erica MixonErica Mixon, Content Marketing Manager, Blumira

Erica has over five years of experience covering the tech industry. Prior to joining Blumira, she was a senior editor at TechTarget, where she wrote about enterprise IT topics such as virtualization, Windows 10, and data center management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson College.

About Blumira’s Security Advisors Series

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series is a virtual roundtable with experts in the information security and compliance industry offering insight into timely security topics. These interactive sessions encourage questions from the audience and engagement with viewers. Our mission is to bring awareness to current cybersecurity issues and provide trusted security advisors to the broader community.