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The move to remote work translates to a mass migration of workloads to the cloud – which means security needs to follow suit in order to keep up with threats.

Industry analyst firm Forrester Research discusses the latest trend in cloud-delivered security analytics (SA) platforms and how they stack up against traditional SIEM (security incident and event management) systems in the latest Q4 2020 report.

What are Security Analytics Platforms?

Security analytics (SA) platforms bring together logs from different sources in an organization’s environment – network, identity, endpoint, application and anything else producing relevant security data.

This big data infrastructure allows the platforms to generate alerts and help accelerate security incident analysis, investigation and response. They detect potential risks and threats by comparing activity seen across your network to malicious behavioral analysis patterns and known attacker techniques.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions often overlap with security analytics capabilities – a good SA platform uses EDR in combination with data from other technology sources to enable faster security incident investigations and automated response.

Benefits of Security Analytics Platforms

The idea is to help organizations:

  1. Optimize the incident detection and response process
  2. Improve security efficiency; reduce mean time-to-respond
  3. Triage, classify and correlate alerts to relevant events
  4. Provide clear, contextual incident analysis information
  5. Leverage cloud-delivered platforms for scalability, flexibility and availability

The End Goal of Security Analytics Platforms

SA platforms pull together relevant data, provides an analysis of findings for security/IT teams, and enables them to quickly identify threats and automatically respond to them. These capabilities are often categorized as SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) or UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics) functionality.

Many of the current enterprise-level leaders in this space offer solutions at premium cost, outside of the range of many mid-market IT and security budgets. The complexity of deployment is also often high, requiring additional resources, time and consultants to integrate broadly across an organization’s current technology stack for complete security coverage.

Blumira provides an attainable security platform to help mid-sized organizations with small IT or security teams:

  • Reduce attack surface and prevent a data breach – Blumira identifies and enables your team to block or contain attacks early and often, notifying you of any misconfigurations or threats that can lead to a breach or ransomware infection
  • Reduce time to security – Deploy Blumira’s platform in a matter of hours, start collecting log data and immediately realize the value of pre-built security detections and operational oversight to help identify lapses in service
  • Faster, more effective detection and response – Fill in the gaps of your pentest results with Blumira’s wide integration coverage across endpoint protection, firewall, cloud infrastructure, applications, identity providers and more. Cut through the noise of too many false-positive alerts with prioritized findings, and take the next steps toward incident response with Blumira’s guided playbooks.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) – More than just a SIEM, Blumira’s platform combines log collection with automated threat analysis, correlation and investigation powered by our integration with threat intelligence feed and proactive threat hunting and detection rules. Leverage automation to streamline your security operations workflow and respond to findings quickly to limit their business impact.

Learn more about Blumira’s cloud SIEM and get started with a free 14-day trial today.

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