Before you begin

Determine the Blumira sensor you will use as a syslog server to collect log data. On the sensor detail screen, under Host Details, copy the IP address of your Blumira sensor to use when configuring Citrix Netscaler ADC.

Configuring Log Forwarding for Citrix Netscaler ADC


You must configure audit logging and forwarding for Citrix Netscaler ADC in order for Blumira to collect the logs. Read directions on how to configure log forwarding in Citrix’s Configuring Citrix ADC appliance for audit logging.

Provide the Blumira sensor information when setting up your syslog server:

  • IP address of the Blumira sensor you will log events to
  • Port number 514

Also, take the time to review your current security policies and ensure that they are up to date. Blumira generally prefers settings that will result in the most verbosity in regard to log content and volume and should be applied to every policy in the device.