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    December 11, 2023

    Finding Security Value That Goes Beyond Log Retention

    Upward Sports is a nationwide nonprofit focused on providing faith-based youth sports programs for over 200,000 young athletes. With participants and infrastructure spread across the U.S., securing devices and data is a high priority. But with only seven IT staff supporting the organization, Systems Administrator Les Neely needed an efficient way to gain visibility across their environment.

    Rather than attempt the complex setup and maintenance of Microsoft Sentinel on their own, Upward Sports turned to Blumira’s SIEM for essential capabilities like log analysis and retention. 

    “I saw on Blumira’s website a few user testimonials that said it was easy, and they got up and running in no time — that’s what I was looking for,” said Neely. “I didn’t want something that would take a lot of time or require a lot of different things to make it work. Sentinel was going to be a lot of that.”

    Blumira made it straightforward for Upward Sports to deploy with little infrastructure overhead. Agents provided instant endpoint visibility too. The availability of pre-built detections and guided response playbooks also meant the nonprofit could rely on Blumira’s security experts rather than attempt to create expansive rules on their own.

    For Upward Sports, partnering with Blumira delivered essential security capabilities that supported compliance and risk reduction. And it did so at a lower total cost of ownership than hiring dedicated security staff. As Neely summed it up for his leadership team:

    “I told my director it’s like adding another employee, except much cheaper.”

    Read the full story to learn more about how Blumira enriched security for this nonprofit organization.

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