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The G2 Winter 2021 Grid® Reports have been released – and Blumira has earned 20 badges, widening our reach over 10 earned in the Fall reports, including best ROI (return on investment) and fastest/most implementable.

What is G2? It’s an extremely popular tech marketplace driven by real customer reviews; over 1 million to date, with 4 million visitors. It’s used by organizations worldwide to make strategic software purchasing decisions.

Here at Blumira, we’re driven and happy to help our customers successfully detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity threats. That means partnering with them to ensure they’re getting real security value out of their investment in our platform, as well as designing it to be easy and fast to implement.

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High Performer & Best Results

In the G2 Winter 2021 Grid® Reports, Blumira earned 20 top placements, including ranking as high performer in their SIEM (security information and event management), Incident Response, System Security and IPDS (intrusion prevention and detection systems) categories. We also ranked as best results for the Winter reports and mid-market.

Based on real customer reviews, Blumira’s platform has been ranked against other major SIEM providers in the space, including Splunk, IBM, LogRhythm, Sumo Logic, AlienVault (from AT&T Cybersecurity), Graylog, Datadog and many others.

Our cloud SIEM provides visibility and integrates broadly across identity, firewall, endpoint security, cloud infrastructure and more for threat detection and response.

Best Estimated ROI & User’s Choice

A few new placements in this season’s reports include best estimated ROI and users most likely to recommend for SIEM and System Security categories. This is a reflection of the versatility of Blumira’s platform, designed to bring advanced security features to the mid-market, including:

Blumira combines key capabilities found in different security solutions, such as SIEM, SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) and SOC (security operations center) to provide the best security value – delivered in one integrated cloud platform.

Merit Network Case Study: Visibility & Automated Response – Without a SOC

Like many organizations, Merit doesn’t have a dedicated security staff assigned to sit in front of security operations center (SOC) screens and watch for incidents. Merit values Blumira’s reliability and support as a trusted security partner.

“Blumira provides expertise in understanding alerts, with additional context and viewpoints. With a limited staff, it’s important that someone has my back – Blumira’s team has a real commitment to its customers.” – Kevin Hart, CISO, Merit

Now Merit’s smaller staff are notified of security problems with automated threat detection on a 24 hour basis, and thanks to Blumira’s playbooks, they can be just as responsive as a large team. Read the full Merit case study to learn more.

Implementation: Fastest & Most Successful

This season, Blumira earned new badges for most implementable and fastest implementation. We’re not exaggerating when we say our cloud SIEM platform can be set up, deployed and integrated to start collecting logs for immediate security detection value in a few hours.

This approach is representative of our philosophy of democratizing security for all organizations – we’ve strategically designed the platform to be administrator-friendly and usable for small IT teams, without the need for enterprise-level resources or security expertise to stand it up. Learn more about our existing and growing list of integrations and watch a demo of how easy it is to set up Blumira.

Best Security Partners

Blumira was ranked as providing the best support and easiest to do business with, as well as providing the best relationship for the mid-market.

We want a partner in our security system, not just a service…somebody that we can rely on for any security issues. Blumira is our trusted advisor. – Dan Kontak, IT Director, National Machinery

Learn more about Blumira’s platform and request a free 14-day trial today to see how we can provide both a robust security platform and trusted partnership with your organization.

Get a Free 14-Day Cloud SIEM Trial

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