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These days, what many call the ‘digital transformation’ has accelerated rapidly in an era of remote work. Companies are turning to cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools to enable remote employees to do their jobs efficiently.

Many are using personal devices, as well as virtual private networks and remote access gateways to connect securely to networks and data.

All of these trends shift visibility and control out of the hands of already-lean IT and security teams, stretched to their limits. Many organizations aren’t even sure what security gaps exist in their rapidly changing environment.

When deploying proof-of-concepts, Blumira has found that the average organization has only 10% coverage across all of the essential areas of threat detection and response.

Identify Your Organization’s Security Gaps

To help you understand how to better secure this new world, Blumira has created a threat detection and response gap assessment checklist that you can use to determine where you need additional capabilities.

In our assessment guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices around security log repositories, configuration, parsing and correlation
  • Audit and compliance must-haves, like generated or pre-built reports, and what to audit for compliance
  • Critical incident detections, like lateral movement, common misconfigurations, indicators of data exfiltration and more.
  • How automated incident response tools like security playbooks can help small teams contain threats faster
  • The importance of access to security expertise when you need it, and high availability and reliability of your security solution

Conduct a gap analysis with our handy checklist to measure your organization’s threat detection and response maturity.

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